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1000-lb Sisters: Why Amy Slaton Was Accused Of Biting A Man

Amy and Tammy Slaton have made some questionable decisions in 1000-lb Sisters, but one of the most controversial allegations made against the siblings claims that Amy bit a man. Amy and Tammy have endured some serious romantic faux pas throughout their reality television journeys, but Amy’s worst moment happened before cameras were around to capture her dental dilemma. From an attempt to set the mood to an online feud, here’s everything there is to know about why Amy was accused of biting a man.

Typically, Tammy is the Slaton sister with the most relationship drama as is evidenced by the pair of unpopular boyfriends she’s attempted to date throughout her run in 1000-lb Sisters. While Jerry Sikes and Phillip “The BBW King” Redmond has brought out the worst in Tammy while abusing her food addiction, Amy’s dubious history with men rivals her sister’s messiness. Fortunately for Amy, she has maintained a loving marriage with her husband, Michael Halterman, for as long as she’s embarked on a career as a reality TV star. Viewers love Michael because he is unconditionally devoted to Amy and even helps take care of Tammy. Additionally, Amy and Michael have continued to live out their idyllic familial dreams as they’ve recently welcomed their 1-year-old baby boy, Gage.

Regrettably, Amy’s romantic life wasn’t always as stable as it is in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. Before Amy was the star of her own reality series, she and Tammy ran a popular YouTube channel. The sisters garnered millions of views by making videos that helped their audiences learn more about their unconventional lives. Sadly, Amy and Tammy’s channels were known for addressing controversy the sisters regularly found themselves shrouded in. From Tammy asserting that they left their dog in a car in July to Amy prematurely pleading for viewers to donate to Tammy’s funeral, the Slaton sisters’ YouTube channel has touched on many of Amy and Tammy’s most contested topics. One of these is the allegation that Amy bit a man while on a date. According to SoapDirt, a date with a man named Jerry at a McDonald’s proved to be one of Amy’s worst decisions yet.

Years before she got married to Michael, Amy asked her brother, Chris Combs, to drive her to the fast-food restaurant to meet her date, Jerry. From McDonald’s, Amy and Jerry went to a hotel room where things started to escalate. SoapDirt reported, “[Amy] wanted to try to leave love bites on him. So, she [nibbled] on him.” Apparently, Jerry and Amy got into a fight on social media, where Jerry asserted that “Amy bit him all over ‘his upper body.'” Amy’s fans on Reddit broke down the drama, citing a now-deleted video the 1000-lb Sisters star made addressing the controversial incident. A fan recalled that Amy argued, “She wasn’t ‘biting’ him but trying to give him a hickey.” Amy reportedly went on to share Jerry’s personal information like his phone number, which resulted in the reality star ultimately deleting her video responding to the biting matter.

Amy appears to have finally found her match in Michael, but before her happily ever after in 1000-lb Sisters, the entertainer was causing romantic controversy comparable to her sister’s relationship turmoil. From aggressive kisses to violating her date’s privacy, the allegations made against Amy demonstrate that she has a questionable past. Hopefully, Amy’s learned to keep her teeth to herself since starring in 1000-lb Sisters.

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