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1000-lb Sisters: Times When Fans Considered Tammy Slaton Dishonest

On top of struggling to keep to her weight loss goals in 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton’s fans think the reality star has had difficulty sticking to her word during her time in the spotlight. In and out of the Slaton family’s reality series, Tammy has been caught in lies that, over time, have convinced the entertainer’s fanbase that honesty isn’t one of Tammy’s most valued policies. From potentially fictitious harassment claims to deceptive accounts of the medical treatment she’s received, here are all of the times Tammy has demonstrated that 1000-lb Sisters fans shouldn’t take her by her word.

Unfortunately, Tammy’s proven that her version of reality is often different from the rest of the world’s as she has consistently been tied up in lies and scandal. Whether she’s not being truthful about her weight loss efforts in 1000-lb Sisters or she’s being accused of fabricating statements made outside of the reality series, fans no longer consider Tammy a trustworthy narrator.

To be fair, Tammy’s fans tend to be especially critical of the reality star after witnessing her erratic behavior over the past few years on TV. Sadly for the Slaton sister, Tammy’s skeptics have ample examples of the entertainer’s unbelievable antics to point to when accusing her of falsifying truths. These are all of the times that fans have considered Tammy dishonest on and off of 1000-lb Sisters.

Tammy’s Boyfriend Drama

In 1000-lb Sisters season 3, Tammy embarked on a romantic relationship with TikTok user Phillip Redmond. Phil, who also goes by the BBWKing, was criticized from the start because Tammy’s siblings feared he would deter the reality star from achieving her vital weight loss ambitions. When Amy Slaton and Chris Combs discovered that Phil has an affinity for women that weigh over 350 pounds, they were concerned for their sister’s health eroding throughout their romance. Fortunately for her siblings, Tammy announced that she and Phil broke up only a few episodes into season 3. Tammy asserted that she was tired of arguing with Phil about her insecurities. Peace didn’t last long for the Slaton family, however, as Tammy claimed that Phil continued to keep in touch with her after she broke up with him. Tammy confessed that she had to call the police after Phil wouldn’t stop harassing her.

Understandably, fans were concerned for Tammy after she divulged the abuse she was enduring from Phil since their split. Shortly after Tammy shared her story, however, Phil’s baby mama reached out to TV Shows Ace to set the record straight. Phil’s ex claimed that all of Tammy’s relationship with the TikTok user was fabricated. She asserted that Tammy and Phil only got together to make videos for Phil’s TikTok and they were never romantically entwined as Tammy proclaimed in 1000-lb Sisters. Phil’s baby mama went on to share that Tammy also lied about Phil harassing her. In reality, Phil’s ex shared that Tammy was the one calling Phil incessantly and he had to ask the Slaton sister to leave him alone. Just like Phil’s ex, Tammy’s followers are disappointed to learn that she might have lied about something as serious as Phil threatening her on national television.

Tammy’s Failed Weight Loss Journey

Another reason why fans have a difficult time trusting Tammy is her consistent lack of progress in her weight loss venture. Tammy and Amy started their joint goal to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery in season 1, but the pair of sisters have made the same headway in the years since they began on their fitness quests. The sisters were instructed that if they were to qualify for weight loss surgery, they’d have to stick to strict diets and exercise routines. Over the course of 1000-lb Sisters season 1, Amy proved that she was up to the task and, ultimately, slimmed down enough to get a gastric bypass operation. Tammy, on the other hand, didn’t lose the weight she needed to qualify for her own life-saving procedure. In season 3, Tammy’s as far from her weight loss aspirations as she ever was.

While Tammy’s inability to follow through with her weight loss ambition frustrates viewers, what prompts fans not to trust Tammy is her dishonest excuses for her health condition. Instead of owning up to the honest truth that it’s difficult for Tammy to fight food addiction and radically change her lifestyle, the reality star’s opted to make up fibs about why she’s not making any headway. While at check-ins with her doctors, Tammy’s made a habit of committing to changes she never follows through on. At home, Tammy’s asserted that Amy’s contributed to her weight gain by buying the wrong groceries and not being supportive enough. Fans know the truth of the matter is only Tammy can help herself and find her habit of coming up with illegitimate excuses more proof that the reality star can’t separate reality from fiction. Some fans think Tammy’s lying about wanting to change at all.

Tammy Is Deceptive About Her Medical Help

On top of lying about the effort she’s putting into losing weight, Tammy’s also fibbed about the medical help she’s received to combat her precarious health condition. Even though 1000-lb Sisters fans have been calling for Tammy to seek more help from professionals as she’s fallen further from her weight loss goals, the reality star has been caught downplaying the treatment she’s received. In May 2021, Reddit users discussed a TikTok Tammy shared debunking “lies and rumors” that were shared about her staying in an assisted living facility. In response to a fan claiming the Slaton sisters weren’t filming a new season because Tammy was getting medical help, Tammy asserted that she was living at her house and wasn’t at a care center. Viewers’ suspicions were confirmed, however, when Tammy was staying in a rehabilitation facility at the start of 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

The season 3 premiere caught Tammy in a lie as she clearly had been receiving medical help when she assured fans she didn’t need it. Viewers suspected the reality star’s deception continued during her rehab stay when Tammy claimed that wanted to leave the care center before losing 100 pounds because she was homesick. Fans think Tammy just wanted to return to her old habits instead of being home with the family she routinely argues with. Most recently, Tammy attempted to debunk fans’ assertions that she’s getting medical help when she minimized her doctor’s reason for giving her a trach. In a now-deleted TikTok, Tammy shared that her trach was only inserted in case she has trouble breathing, which fans swiftly noted is no trivial matter. From rehab stays to boyfriend trouble, 1000-lb Sisters fans thank Tammy’s proven nothing she says can be trusted.

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