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1000-lb Sisters: How Amanda Became The Fan-Favorite Slaton Sibling

Amy and Tammy Slaton have garnered controversial feedback from viewers as they’ve embarked on their weight loss journeys in 1000-lb Sisters, but fans are universally drawn to the pair’s sister, Amanda. As Tammy’s fallen further from her fitness goals, viewers have lost faith in the Slaton siblings, but Amanda’s recent arrival has restored fans’ interest in watching the gaggle of reality TV stars. From standing up to Tammy to her friendly disposition, here’s how Amanda came in and immediately became the fan-favorite 1000-lb Sisters cast member.

Amanda is the last of Amy and Tammy’s siblings to make her 1000-lb Sisters debut. Initially, Amy and Tammy took on their weight loss journeys on their own. The pair worked to lose weight simultaneously, but only Amy was successful in achieving her health ambitions. Where Amy lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery, Tammy failed to make the progress her doctor tasked her to. In season 2, Tammy’s siblings were concerned that the entertainer wouldn’t be motivated to stay on track with her weight loss goals on her own, so the sisters’ brother, Chris Combs, joined the series. Initially, viewers loved Chris for the emotional support he offered as well as his low tolerance for Tammy’s attitude.

Unfortunately, viewers started to lose their affection for Chris with the start of 1000-lb Sisters season 3. The Slaton brother started the latest chapter off picking Tammy up from a rehabilitation center she left prematurely. Fans felt like Chris lost his knack for holding Tammy accountable and started to enable his sister in the current season. Luckily, the final Slaton sister, Amanda, entered the family’s reality series in season 3. Amanda got bariatric surgery seven years ago and Tammy’s siblings hope that Amanda’s story will inspire the struggling Slaton sister to follow through on the weight loss goals she’s strayed from in recent years. Throughout her few episodes in Amy and Tammy’s series, Amanda’s proven herself to be the voice of the fanbase. Most recently, Amanda amazed fans when she stood up to Tammy for talking down to her siblings.

On Reddit, Amanda earned the most votes in a poll to decide the fanbase‘s “favorite Slaton family member.” Viewers explained their preference for Amanda has come from the Slaton sister’s bold, no-nonsense personality. Fans appreciate Amanda’s honesty and find her habit of putting Tammy in her place refreshing after seasons of Tammy getting away with treating her siblings poorly. A commenter confessed, “Amanda takes the win for me just because she told Tammy to get out of the chair and come at her.” Another fan agreed that Amanda’s a vital addition to the clan’s reality series, asserting “Amanda… just brings some fire and truth that’s needed to the family.” On top of her brazen personality, viewers grew fond of Amanda swiftly because of her charismatic nature. A viewer shared, “Amanda is the one I could see myself hanging out with after work.”

Of all the Slaton siblings, Amanda’s had the least amount of time in 1000-lb Sisters, but in the few episodes she’s starred in, Amanda has proven herself to be the fanbase’s champion. From standing up to Tammy to having an amicable personality, fans have latched onto Amanda in record time. Hopefully, Amanda will continue to live up to viewers’ expectations in 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

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