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90 Day Fiancé: Ronald Blasts Tiffany & Claims He’ll Delete Instagram

90 Day Fiancé star Ronald Smith took to social media to blast his ex-wife Tiffany Franco and announce that he’ll delete his Instagram because of her. The South African had a lot to say about his soured relationship with the Maryland native. Fans were shocked by the amount of anger directed toward the mother of two, with many wondering what caused Ronald’s recent outburst.

Ronald and Tiffany were not a match made in heaven and often found themselves butting heads over cultural differences. When TLC viewers first met Ronald and Tiffany on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1, they had a feeling that these two might not find happily ever after together. The last season showed that Ronald and Tiffany were in trouble as she tried once again to visit South Africa. Tiffany made it clear that she would not relocate, whereas Ronald often came across as chauvinistic. More often than not, fans often sided with Tiffany. Now that they’ve gone their separate ways, it seems like both Tiffany and Ronald are more than willing to air their dirty laundry.

Blogger Johnny Yates caught another one of Ronald’s midnight tantrums. Ronald suggested that he would be deleting all of his social media accounts within 24 hours. The motorcycle enthusiast insisted that he was being forced to make this decision because of Tiffany, who, according to him, set up a fake account. The account in question has been posting fake stories about Ronald and his new girlfriend. He addressed alleged claims by Tiffany that suggested he was using empty packets as drug paraphernalia. He wrote that he wants this situation to be over, saying: “You have my kids, you win!” Check out the full post below.


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In a sad twist, he pleaded with Tiffany to just go away. Fans have been seeing the former couple go back and forth and trading insults for months. Ronald wrote that Tiffany was going to end up like, “you know who.” TLC viewers had a feeling that he could be referring to her mother, as he always butted heads with her. Ronald then ended his tirade by saying that the mother of his daughter will end up regretting all the bad things she’s said about him. Only a few short hours later, Ronald was back on Instagram, changing his mind and claiming that he was better than her. Thus, maybe wouldn’t delete his profile after all.

90 Day Fiancé viewers have never been a fan of Ronald and often felt like he let Tiffany down. Now, Ronald has found himself a new American girlfriend that he can try to convince to move in with him in South Africa. Viewers hope that the former couple can work together for the sake of their daughter, but, many feel they may not succeed. The odds are good that Ronald could be trying to prep for his return to the franchise, primarily if his current relationship works out.


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