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90 Day Fiancé: Deleted Scene Shows Sumit Explaining Gau Daan Ritual

A deleted scene from the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way finale explains the Gau Daan ritual that Sumit Singh had to do for a happily married life with Jenny Slatten. It took nearly a decade for Sumit and Jenny who’d fallen madly in love with each other over Facebook to finally marry. However, Sumit and Jenny’s troubles aren’t over because his mom and dad don’t know the truth yet. To add to his miseries, Sumit also married Jenny in a temple as opposed to a court marriage as his astrologer Khalid had advised. Would the Gau Daan ceremony prove to be a blessing in disguise for Jenny and Sumit?

From a catfishing scam to a secret wife, to a mother-in-law from hell, 63-year-old Jenny had to go through plenty of tests to become Sumit’s Indian wife. With each episode, 90 Day Fiancé kept asking Jenny to get rid of Sumit and his excuses and fly back to the States. But Jenny was stubborn and Sumit, afraid of how much more controlling Jenny would be as a wife. Until the very last moment of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s very last episode, fans were sure Sumit would find a new reason to not get married to Jenny. Sumit surprised everyone by proving for him, Jenny mattered over everyone else.

A clip from episode 15 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way posted by 90 Day Fiancé on Instagram shows Sumit visiting a local market with his friend Shantanu. Turns out Sumit is there to shop for a cow as it is an Indian tradition to donate a cow to the priest of the temple one is getting married at on the day of the wedding. “And it’s called Gau Daan,” explains Sumit who wants to purchase a cow for the same. Sumit tells the cameras that it’s usually the elders in the family who would take care of such arrangements. Since he hasn’t told his dad about it, Sumit has to do it himself. “This is a perfect calf. He has a nice face, nice eyes,” Shantanu exclaims when Sumit finally finds a cow he can donate in the shed. “He would be happy to go to a good Brahmin family,” suggests Shantanu.


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The shopkeeper tells Sumit that he would have to pay about $67 for the calf, but he bargains and gets the price down to $42. Sumit shares that a cow is a very sacred animal in India. When Sumit gives away the cow, the priest will be getting “blessings from the cow, and, like, milk and everything.” In turn, newly married Sumit and Jenny will be getting “blessings from God and the priest.” But because the little calf is so cute, Sumit wants to take it back to his own home. Sumit feels like Jenny would not agree with “taking care of all the poop he gonna do after he eats.”

The cow finding its way to living a happy life at the temple with the priest’s family may not guarantee Sumit and Jenny marital bliss. However, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fan favorite and astrologer Khalid would still be able to help with solutions that could guarantee that Sumit and Jenny only have marital bliss ahead. But will it help Sumit face the wrath of his parents once they find out about their secret wedding on the Tell-All? Or are the rumors about Sumit and Jenny getting a new spin-off that would explore their troubles as a married couple in India really not rumors at all?

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