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90 Day Fiancé: How Colt Johnson & Steven Johnston Are Similar

A Tell-All preview for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 showed Steven Johnston getting roasted by his co-stars for flirting with other women while married to Russian beauty Alina Skordanova, and this storyline seems very familiar to die-hard 90 Day Fiancé fans. Mormon man Steven has been criticized by viewers throughout the season, due to the way that he has treated Alina. Fans were surprised and saddened by Steven’s controlling and hypocritical behavior towards Alina, as the two tied the knot towards the end of the season.

Steven left his Salt Lake City, Utah home to live with Alina in Turkey, since COVID-19 restrictions prohibited the couple from living in either the U.S. or Russia. Once in Turkey, Steven found cat lover Alina an apartment rental, while he planned to stay in another building. He claimed that this was because they wouldn’t be “tempted” to have sex before marriage since he claimed he was a virgin. He later confessed to Alina that he had actually had sex before while in a relationship with her. Nonetheless, Steven expected Alina to get baptized into the Mormon religion and conform to the Mormon practices of avoiding wine and caffeine. This bothered viewers, as he’d disobeyed Mormon rules by having sex before marriage.

Steven Johnson Can’t Be Trusted

The Tell-All preview revealed that Steven exchanged dirty pictures with (and sent text messages with sexual overtones to) nine different women while married to Alina. Sending these types of pictures to so many females while supposedly being committed to someone else is very reminiscent of what Colt Johnson did to his ex Jess Caroline towards the end of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 5. Not only was Colt cheating on Jess with his now-wife Vanessa Guerra, but he was also sending R-rated pictures to plenty of women. Also, Steven and Colt’s text-cheating antics were revealed on the Tell-All episodes of their respective shows, in front of their partners.

Colt Johnson Was Also A Dishonest Player

Aside from the obvious similarity of having almost the same last name, Steven and Colt have several more personality traits in common. Both try to act innocent and quickly come up with reasons why they are never in the wrong, even when they are being blasted for cheating on national television. Fans have noticed this similarity between Steven and Colt, but they think that one of the men does it more than the other.

Reddit user Y1kk1b recently compared Steven to Colt and asked fellow viewers which reality star was “worse.” 95 percent of the 140 comments on the thread agreed that although the two are similar, Steven is “worse.” Redditor smiskam remarked that Colt seems to be able to recognize his flaws, whereas Steven refuses to take responsibility for his. This was evident in the Tell-All preview, and it makes Steven Steven “worse,” or even a “sociopath.”

One big difference between Colt and Steven is how their partners reacted to their antics. When Jess found out that Colt was sexting other women, she dumped him. When Colt’s actions were revealed at the Tell-All, Jess had already moved on by marrying another man. Alina, however, claims she was aware of Steven’s actions prior to the Tell-All, and she seems to think that he will change. The fact that both Colt and Steven were caught texting other women during the Tell-All episode seems so specific that some 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers are wondering if their storylines were scripted. Either way, fans hold out hope that Alina will eventually see Steven for who he is, and get a divorce before he cheats again.

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