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90 Day Fiancé: Gino Reveals How A Miracle Helped Him Meet Jasmine

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Gino Palazzolo claims that he met Panamian girlfriend Jasmine Pineda because of a miracle. Michigan native and 51-year-old Gino is going to have a rough relationship with Jasmine, 34, on 90 Day Fiancé as far as the previews can tell. Fans have already called Gino out for being “creepy” especially after seeing him packing his secret stash of blue pills for Jasmine when he packed for Panama. They expect Gino to usurp or perhaps join Big Ed Brown as one of the most notorious cast members. But considering Gino and Jasmine have a miraculous meet cute, could they also stay together until the end miraculously?

So far, Gino has not made a good first impression on viewers after having called Jasmine the love of his life and his soulmate before even meeting her. Automotive engineer Gino has told the cameras that he got his blue pills online to have “good times” with Jasmine who’s a “very sexual person” according to him because she’s younger to him than 17 years. His awkward laugh and his admitting that it’s been a long time since he’s been with a woman sexually have grossed out 90 Day Fiancé viewers into feeling that Gino and Jasmine will be a trainwreck. But Gino does seem confident about getting engaged to Jasmine and getting her pregnant by the end of his Panama visit.

After all, Gino and Jasmine’s meeting was sealed by fate before they started chatting for nine months straight and got to know each other without having any big fights. In a conversation with The List, Gino revealed more details about his relationship with Jasmine and how he met her just when she was close to deleting her dating profile on an international site. “Well so, to be honest, we kind of met by a miracle,” confessed Gino. He claims that the ad that Jasmine had on the dating platform was not even put up by her! A friend of Jasmine’s had posted the ad about her and the 90 Day Fiancé star was “days away” from deleting it.

Then I messaged her and connected with her,” shared Gino. The couple then got to video chatting and messaging each other and they got along very well. Although Gino’s family and friends questioned his relationship with a woman from a different he’d met online, he has been one to “take risks.” Gino’s folks were concerned about his safety and wondered if Jasmine was even real. Still the pandemic happened just after Gino and Jasmine connected so they ended up supporting each other and got through the tough times together.

After a plan of meeting in the summer of 2020 was canceled, Gino finally traveled to Panama in December last year which is when his parts with Jasmine on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days were filmed. However, things may have not gone well post Gino and Jasmine coming face to face as far as the teasers can tell. Jasmine appears to be of the jealous kind while Gino wants to make his ex-wife jealous by sending her nude photos of his new girlfriend. How this 90 Day Fiancé romance will fare is anyone’s guess. But fans are looking forward to discovering more details about Gino and Jasmine’s relationship nonetheless.

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