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90 Day Fiancé: Tania Sizzles In Bold Makeover For New Career Announcement

After her split with Syngin Colchester, Tania Maduro reveals a bold new makeover while surprising her 90 Day Fiancé followers with an exciting career move. While Tania has been doing her best to adapt to single life since Syngin moved across the country to Arizona, she often takes to Instagram to share her true feelings and job updates. The couple was married and stayed together for over two years but went their separate ways after Syngin confessed to not wanting a baby. Both Tania and Syngin appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life, but some viewers predict they’ll get back together soon.

While Syngin is wild and free and asking the haters on Instagram to back off, he still appears to be hoping the universe will send him a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Tania, who recently took a trip to Aruba and provided her followers with exclusive beach Snapchats, has revealed how her work allows her to afford expensive trips. According to Tania, she is an employee of a large hotel chain and gets “CRAZY” discounts on rooms.

While Tania does have perks from her secret non-90 Day Fiancé job, she also announced she’s starting another side hustle via a shocking Instagram post. Wearing a tight leather skirt, a lacy top, and an oversized blazer, Tania donned a bold red lip to reveal the logo of her upcoming project “Talk with Tania.” In her caption, Tania wrote, “If I had a number you could call me on, would you call me and tell me:…” going on to list what she wants to hear from 90 Day Fiancé viewers. Check out Tania’s post below:


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The hashtags Tania used give away the fact her podcast “Talk with Tania” will be coming soon where people can gossip, vent, and indulge in a relationship talk. In the comments, Tania received a positive response, with 90 Day Fiancé co-star Anny Francisco telling her, “I can help with that. ” Tania replied to the mom of two with, “oooohhhh sounds like a plan!” Perhaps one can expect the Pillow Talk celeb to be a special guest on Tania’s show. Others volunteered to talk to Tania about everything from relationship advice to topics such as astrology and politics.

However, many others were impressed by how glam Tania looked in the photo. She received comments like, “Let’s talk about where you got that outfit honey!!!” and “And are we ignoring how hot you look?”, with several praising Tania’s gorgeous new makeover. However, when one follower wanted to know how “true to life” 90 Day Fiancé is and asked Tania to be honest, her reply was quite interesting. “Things that won’t get me in trouble,” replied the star with a cry-laughing emoji. Tania appears to be someone who always likes to keep some secrets to make sure her personality remains mysterious and attractive.

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