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90 Day Fiancé: How Fans Reacted To Brittany Banks’ Weight Loss Update

Former 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way cast member Brittany Banks has been shocking her Instagram followers with her weight loss, and some fans think that the aspiring rapper is almost unrecognizable now. The beautiful Brittany made her debut on TOW season 2 when she flew to Jordan, where her then-boyfriend Yazan Abu Horira lived. Cultural clashes and Brittany’s bold social media photos in bikinis were catalysts for death threats towards Yazan. He’s now married to a new woman and plans to move to the USA. Meanwhile, despite her 90 Day: The Single Life stint, Brittany appears to be single again as she flaunts her makeover transformation.

Meanwhile, Brittany teased that she’s relaunching her music career, while she’s seeing a lot of success with her adult content on OnlyFans. Back in October, Brittany had revealed that she’d gone from 217 to 139 pounds. She also shocked followers by alleging that she gained weight because of the abusive behavior of her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Brittany brushed off weight loss surgery rumors, saying that she had worked hard for her fitness results, and had put her soul into getting fit. She explored the science of slimming down in one Instagram post, where she remarked that while she’d enjoyed her curvy 155-pound body, she had tweaked her eating habits and added a lot of walking to her routine to reach 133.

As per Brittany, she knows how to make herself thicker or thinner whenever she wants. She claims it’s possible when someone doesn’t have preexisting weight conditions. Her agenda was to get a small thigh gap so she could wear her favorite winter fashions. Whenever Brittany feels like getting “thick again,” she will be introducing more protein and carbs to her diet, in moderation. Under the post where Brittany flaunts her tiny waist, 90 Day Fiancé fans still seem too skeptical about Brittany’s no-surgery claims. When a fan accused Brittany of lying by writing, “with some surgery along the way,” she replied, “girl try the gym & eat right. It works better than anything 😂 save yourself the money.” Still, most others think that Brittany’s “body is everything.” They think she’s “phenomenal” and they are applauding her “transparency.”

Despite the positivity, Brittany confessed that she had been “feeling really self-conscious” about her body. The 90 Day Fiancé icon Brittany cried about losing lower body weight and her “hazardous curves” in general. Brittany thinks that it’s “funny how women are” because when they are thin they “want to be thick.” However, looking at her own pictures where she looks and feels confident gives Brittany a much-needed boost of self-love because of comfortable she is in her own skin. “I’ve been all sizes … and let me tell you. The key to having the body you want always comes back to loving and appreciating your body at every stage,” Brittany spilled in her heartfelt caption. However, the vast majority of Brittany’s fans think that she “always” looks amazing.

You looked great before, you look great now. As long as you feel good about yourself then do what makes you happy,” reads a recent comment from a 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewer on Brittany’s post. While she’s lost her “Instagram body,” Brittany’s popularity appears to be growing. Most of her critics seem to have gotten over Brittany’s past mistakes, and she has certainly moved on from Yazan, with whom she’s had many infamous IG fights. For now, Brittany is basking in all the compliments her new look fetches her, while she keeps teasing curious fans about her new love interest.

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