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90 Day Fiancé: Nicole Shares Misleading News About Loren Despite IG Apology

Nicole Nafziger asks followers to send their prayers to 90 Day Fiancé co-star Loren Brovarnik barely a few days after posting an apology about her controversial Jason Hitch post. Nicole has been keeping herself busy since leaving the TLC franchise by faking her own death or by claiming it’s her ex-fiancé Azan Tefou who died. Followers have grown increasingly tired of Nicole spamming and scamming them via her Instagram, which has featured posts about debatable weight loss hacks and “shocking news” about Angela Deem as well.

Recently, Cássia Tavares was offended by Nicole trying to make a quick buck by posting sketchy link in bio updates about her ex-husband Jason, who unexpectedly passed away from COVID-19 complications. Cássia tagged Nicole and asked her to “JUST STOP,” and Nicole was left with no option but to admit she was wrong. Still, Nicole tried to put the blame on “a company” that has her Instagram login details and posts without her knowledge. The very next day, Nicole repeated her mistake as a different clickbait article link to a video of Karine allegedly assaulting Paul Staehle in front of their kids was shared by her to create sensationalism and generate income every time a worried follower clicked.

Continuing her trend of fooling Instagram followers, Nicole has now uploaded a story about Pillow Talk star Loren. “Pray for Loren AFTER DEVASTATING update #LinkInBio,” she wrote in her post caption alongside a photo of Loren. The same was converted into a story and then posted again by Nicole with a “click here” link to an article about Loren. The article seems to have been about Loren’s own stories where she spoke about mental health. New mom Loren posted a selfie in which she looked distressed while thanking her followers for reaching out after it was revealed her husband Alexei was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Nicole’s post made it look like she was again profiting off someone’s vulnerability. 90 Day Fiancé viewers took to the internet to discuss how it doesn’t seem like Nicole will ever stop sharing these sketchy links, as she should have treated Cássia calling her out as a final warning. They seem to want to know if Nicole, who will again claim she was unaware of what was shared on her Instagram, will dedicate an apology post to Loren. Some are wondering if mass unfollowing Nicole would help.

After the entire drama between Nicole and Cássia unfolded, another ex 90 Day Fiancé cast member, Deaven Clegg, admitted she too once shared clickbait on her page. Deavan spoke about how she stopped working with this “company” because they would share the same problematic posts on her IG as well. Deavan concluded that tasteless content like that isn’t worth the money. Nicole, in the meantime, appears to have shared a hollow apology and is certainly not repenting her grave mistakes and the distress they cause.

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