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90 Day Fiance: Alexei, Loren & Their Kids All Contract COVID-19! Loren Says She’s Depressed

The fan-favorite couple of 90 Day Fiance, Alexei and Loren, have been hit by a series of bad omen. While fans were praying for Alexei’s health, his wife dropped another bombshell. Well, she has been busy dealing with her two kids and managing her husband’s health, who contracted COVID. As a result, she wasn’t active on social media. But recently, she dropped startling news through her Instagram story that left her followers in a daze. Is the couple alright? Let’s see!

90 Day Fiance: After Alexei, Loren & Their Kids Also Contract COVID-19!

After the second child’s birth, Loren had been posting some workout videos on her social media page. While she’s best known for posting motivational and positive posts on Instagram, her previous post startled the fans. Earlier this week, she revealed her husband Alexei contracted COVID-19. Well, it came out as a challenging time for her to deal with an infant, a toddler, and a sick husband. But she ensured her followers that she maintained social distance and followed the protocol.

Alexei was quarantined in another room while she and their kids stayed in a different room. Despite following the strict protocol, the Brovarnik family contacted COVID. Recently, a fan spotted Alexei and Shai playing football. That let many speculate perhaps the firstborn contracted the virus too. Shortly after this, Loren took to Instagram to share the devastating news. TV Season & Spoilers points out that she shared in her Instagram story that all of them contracted COVID, including their second baby.


She stated first, Alexei got COVID-19, then Shai, and now she has contracted it too. So, the entire family is currently battling with the deadly virus. However, she seems optimistic as they had already got vaccinated. But, the family patriarch has yet to take the booster doze, while in his wife’s case, it remains unknown whether she took it or not. Further, she added, “I’m going to take time from this social media and be with my family.” She also thanked everyone who showed their concern.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Talks About Her Depressive Moments

Previously, Loren shared some of her lethargic pictures on Instragam, revealing how tired she is of dealing with such a tough time alone. Well, the mother of two is not only handling her kids alone but keeping a check on her husband too. In addition, she has to make sure that her kids remain safe and away from their father. The celebrity mom stated that she couldn’t get the time to make her hair, and this is a raw and rough look.

She’s getting no time for her workout session. However, she and Alexei stayed away from each other before. But this time situation is quite different. She further thanked her followers, who reached out and showed their concern. However, all these things made her feel more depressed. She got overwhelmed by her work and managing her home alone. TV Season & Spoilers previously reported that Brovarnik stated she’s getting postpartum symptoms like her hair is falling. Yet, all this Loren appears to pretend strong.


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