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90 Day Fiancé: Hamza Finally Reveals How He’s Been Lying To Memphis

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days cast member Hamza from Tunisia has spilled the details on what he’s lied to his girlfriend Memphis about. In a storyline that’s reminding viewers of former 90 Day Fiancé couples such as Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Horira, Laura and Aladin Jallali or Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi, American woman Memphis is flying to Tunisia to get married to Hamza even though she’s never met him. Because Hamza is someone who wished her good morning every day and informed her about her whereabouts, Memphis feels Hamza is good enough to become her new husband and stay with her in the U.S. But little does she know that Hamza has been lying to her about something big all this time.

Fans were tired of counting the red flags in Memphis and Hamza’s relationship by the time they saw her taking her flight on episode 2. Memphis doesn’t know any Arabic and Hamza speaks little English but the one thing they love doing together is “sexy time.” The single mother of two thinks Hamza would be a great father to her kids. Memphis also supports Hamza financially and plans to continue doing so on her nurse practitioner salary after he comes to America. In fact, to skip the K-1 visa process entirely, Memphis will also be marrying Hamza just a week after meeting him.

However, Hamza has not been honest with his 90 Day Fiancé partner Memphis according to a clip for episode 3 shared on YouTube. Turns out Hamza has lied to Memphis about what his orthodox mother thinks of her entirely. The cameras follow Hamza as he sits down with his mom and sister Rawia who asks him if Memphis is scared about coming to stay with them. The ladies want to know whether Memphis is aware of “the Tunisian way of living.” Hamza’s mom confesses that when she saw Memphis’ photos for the first time around, she thought some of them were “a bit indecent.” She’s anxious about Memphis’ lifestyle being completely different from Hamza’s since she wears dresses and short skirts.

Moreover, Hamza’s mother also has an issue with him sleeping in the same room as Memphis before they get married. Hamza discloses that his religion doesn’t allow a man and woman “to sleep together outside of marriage.” Although he believes that people who love each other can get intimate before marriage, his mom and sister insist that Memphis won’t find their sleeping arrangements weird. This is when Hamza adds, “I told Memphis my mother said it as okay if we sleep in the same room.” He adds that he’s stressed out because he thinks Memphis wouldn’t like his “old-fashioned” mother.

Getting Brittany and Yazan vibes. This is not going to end well,” says one fan in the comments. “There is no way this couple will be long-term,” said another. Viewers are getting a feeling that Hamza is genuine and his mom and sister are surprisingly welcoming. But if Memphis doesn’t change who she is in the relationship and respects their culture, it is doomed for sure. Some are suggesting that Hamza could move into a hotel during Memphis’ visit. But if this 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days plot decides to go for a Brittany-Yazan twist, it is worth remembering that the Jordanian man got death threats from his family all thanks to a photo of his fiancé in a bikini. But Hamza is coming across as the kind that can bully his mom as per Memphis’ wishes in case she refuses to stay without “sexy time” for a week.

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