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90 Day Fiancé: Gino Reveals What His Hair Looked Like Under The Hat

90 Day Fiancé star Gino Palazzolo has finally solved the mystery of what his head looks like under his infamous hat that even Jasmine Pineda hasn’t seen him without. Many complicated new couples, such as Usman AKA Sojaboy & Kim and Caleb Greenwood & Alina Kasha, have been introduced on Before The 90 Days in 2021. But perhaps the one fans are most curious about is the mismatched pair of Gino and Jasmine. While Jasmine has plenty of expectations from Gio due to a painful past, the American man wants to make her his wife and get her pregnant. Alas, Jasmine doesn’t know everything about Gino – especially what he’s hiding below his hat.

After a failed marriage that lasted for seven years, Gino hit it off unexpectedly with Jasmine while browsing through an international dating app. The couple chatted for nine months straight, with Gino and Jasmine becoming each other’s go-to person during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gino felt like he was therapy to Jasmine following her having to part ways with her little son. And when it comes to Gino, he felt like Jasmine, the girl of his dreams, was the one for him. With that said, Gino hasn’t been fully transparent with Jasmine considering that he lied about his age when he met her. 51-year-old Gino has also lost a lot of hair over time. He claims that Jasmine knows about his balding head, but Gino always wears a hat on during video chat because he prefers how he looks with the hat on.

Unfortunately, Gino’s latest Instagram Story does not show how current-day Gino looks like with his bald head. With that said, Gino has shared a throwback picture from 1987 to his page that seems to be a screenshot from his private Facebook profile. “Flashback to 1987!” reads the caption of Gino’s FB post. “Amazing family photo at my grandpa’s home!” Gino had added with a party popper emoji. With his shirt tucked in and the same smile he sports while talking about Jasmine on 90 Day Fiancé, Gino is instantly recognizable in the photograph. But instead of a hairless head, Gino sports a lush and dark curly mop, which seems to have unfortunately diminished over time.

When Gino’s brother and sister-in-law paid him a visit on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days to exchange gifts, one of the first things that Tony and Lauri asked him was what Jasmine thinks of his hat. “No, I’m not gonna show you,” an embarrassed Gino told a 90 Day Fiancé producer when they asked him to take his hat off for them. He says he doesn’t remember how many years ago he started wearing the hat because of hair loss. When Gino doesn’t have his hat on, he feels like he’s “naked or something.”

According to Gino, he has such a good connection with Jasmine that his looks are not a big deal. He had also packed his three favorite hats to take with him to Panama. Even with Gino telling Jasmine that he’ll “always” be wearing his hat except for when he’s sleeping, she still did ask him her “little shark” to take it off when they were inside the hotel room. “I’ve never seen a person so attached to a hat,” Jasmine admitted. However, Jasmine did assure the 90 Day Fiancé cameras that everything will be “coming off” during their first night. Maybe Jasmine is the only person on Earth besides Gino himself who’s seen him without a hat. Now, if that isn’t proof of true love, no one knows what is.

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