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The Family Chantel: Why Nicole Isn’t Interested In Finding Her Father

On The Family Chantel, Pedro Jimeno has been searching for his father, much to his mother and sisters’ dismay. Pedro always knew that his father had a second family and returned to them when he was a child. At the same time, he remembers his father visiting late at night, before he disappeared forever, and the absence left a mark on Pedro. His father-in-law Thomas Everett has even tried to step in and be a father figure to Pedro. Now that Pedro’s relationship with The Family Chantel is better than ever, he is ready to try and find his family.

Pedro first returned to the Dominican Republic to connect with his cousin Niruka and his brothers. However, he decided to discuss the subject with his mother Lidia Jimeno, and his sister, Nicole Jimeno. Lydia, Nicole, and Pedro’s grandmother all admitted to having children with married men. While Pedro was alarmed by the pattern, the women asserted that this was a norm within Dominican culture. Pedro’s grandma also noted that none of these men admitted to being married. While Lydia wanted nothing to do with Pedro’s efforts to find his father, she also didn’t take responsibility for his absence. While Pedro was uncomfortable with the history of affairs, he pushed forward in his mission to connect with his father’s family. At first, Nicole wanted nothing to do with that.

When it came time for Pedro to meet with his half-brothers, Junior and Jonathan, he invited Nicole one last time. Pedro said, “Mom didn’t do it correctly,” and Nicole responded, “you can’t blame mom.” Pedro asserted, “but I don’t blame Mom either. I’m just saying I want to know the other side of things.” He added, “I want to know what happened for myself.” She didn’t see what she would get out of this encounter. Nicole also questioned why their other family had never looked for them and whether her mother’s pregnancies were accidents. She emphasized that she didn’t need her father (or any more family) in her life. Nicole could barely stomach dealing with Chantel and her family.

At the same time, Nicole looked emotional about the topic and somewhat torn. While she wasn’t ready for the encounter, it seems possible that she would be open to meeting more of her family in time. Nicole was incredibly frustrated that Pedro put the narrative on blast with Chantel’s family present. She felt it was a very personal manner and didn’t need Chantel, Winter, or Karen’s opinions in the mix, or in her life for that matter.

Nicole and Pedro are working on finding mutual understanding. For Pedro, creating sustainable healing in his family comes with finding closure with his father. Nicole and Lydia may be uncomfortable with these efforts, but it seems like their rejection of the topic comes from a place of hurt as well. Pedro also will have to contend with Chantel’s suggestion that Lydia and Nicole may be comfortable taking advantage of him, whether it’s true or not. For once, however, it looks like The Family Chantel has Pedro’s back, no matter what happens.

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