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The Family Chantel: Why Season 3 Is A Major Step Up

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise is flooded with spin-off shows, however, The Family Chantel season 3 has stood out to viewers. Many had mixed reactions to seasons 1 and 2. Luckily, TLC appears to have hit the mark with The Family Chantel season 3, and viewers are captivated by the authentic and relatable drama that is occurring with Pedro and his family, as well as within the Everett group.

Pedro and Chantel’s relationship drama originally revolved around Chantel’s parents Thomas and Karen Everett being deeply suspicious of the Dominican Republic native’s intentions with their Atlanta-based daughter. Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers slammed Karen and the Everett family for being cruel, offensive, and seemingly xenophobic. Meanwhile, Pedro’s messy family was equally rude to Chantel and displayed some potentially racist undertones. Many viewers disliked the messy drama, which made Pedro’s season 3 plotline a welcome departure. Pedro is investigating the truth behind his estranged father and discovered that many women in his family have had affairs with married men, including his mother Lidia and his sister Nicole. Meanwhile, Pedro also uncovered that his father had a legitimate family that he supported while he abandoned Pedro and Nicole.

Pedro’s plotline with his family has far more substance than previous seasons of either The Family Chantel or other 90 Day Fiancé shows. Pedro is displaying real emotions and showcasing his difficult journey as he learns hard truths about the people he is related to. Nothing about Pedro’s story feels staged or forced, as he genuinely wants to learn about his father and understand why he abandoned Pedro and Nicole but chose to lovingly raise his legitimate children with his wife. Meanwhile, Pedro is facing overwhelming issues with the women in his family as they have been shockingly unsupportive when it comes to his need to learn about his father. Nicole, Lidia, and Pedro’s grandmother all mocked Pedro and put him down, which caused many viewers to feel for Pedro and offer support to him. They can relate to Pedro’s heartbreak or at least sympathize with him.

Another aspect of The Family Chantel season 3 that viewers are interested in seeing is a softer side to the Everett family. Karen and her family have been slammed for being intrusive and meddling. However, one thing that is apparent is how much the family does love each other. Chantel’s younger sister Winter faced a difficult breakup with her longtime boyfriend and recent fiancé Jah. The Everett family came together for Winter and showed themselves to be a united and supportive front. Though both the Everett and Jimeno families are deeply flawed, many viewers realized that the Everett family has a unity the Jimeno family lacks. Viewers warmed up while seeing sweet family connections, such as the loving bond between Winter and her younger brother Riverknight Everett or the sweet friendship between former enemies Pedro and Riverknight.

The positive reception to The Family Chantel season 3 proves TLC viewers are looking for authenticity. Recent franchise content has come under fire for featuring repetitive plot lines that appear to be staged, stiff, and scripted. While franchise families such as the Potthasts have done the most to be messy, The Family Chantel viewers enjoy seeing a more real and raw side to the cast members. The drama within Pedro’s family has captivated viewers who truly believe in the emotions shown onscreen in The Family Chantel season 3. Many viewers hope the 90 Day Fiancé franchise can continue to feature storylines of substance in the future.

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