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90 Day Fiancé: Highlights From Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s YouTube Channel

Not only is 90 Day Fiancé star Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava famous on Instagram, but she also has a popular YouTube channel where she has 434k subscribers. After 90 Day Fiancé season 4, Russian woman Anfisa became a household name. On the show, she moved to America to get married to Jorge Nava. Jorge and Anfisa had a troubled relationship, and TLC viewers concluded that she was in it for money rather than love. As soon as Jorge was arrested and sentenced to prison time, Anfisa decided to end things. However, five years later, Anfisa’s personality is drastically different, as fans can tell from her YouTube videos about fitness and diet. Her clips also feature shocking confessions about how she was just playing up Russian stereotypes.

Even before fans met Anfisa on 90 Day Fiancé, her canceling Jorge’s flight tickets to Russia made many predict that the relationship was doomed. If her bouts of anger and materialistic instincts were not enough, Anfisa had expensive tastes that Jorge could have only satisfied by giving her a $10,000 purse or a $300,000 diamond ring. Anfisa screamed her lungs out at Jorge during an infamous phone call scene and actually threw him out of his own home. She was known for keying his car and threatening to leave him.

Fans recently heard that Anfisa and Jorge did officially get divorced a year ago in December, and both exes seem to have found happiness away from one another. Anfisa is definitely living her American dream. Her popular YouTube page shows a side of Anfisa that is inspiring and less scary than it was on 90 Day Fiancé. While Anfisa’s last video was posted 10 months ago, her profile is filled with plenty of details for anyone who’s interested in Anfisa. Through her YouTube clips, fans can learn about her bikini competition journey from 2019, or even what she eats in her day to keep her body in peak condition.

Anfisa Gives Fitness Tips

Anfisa, who feels like she’s ready to conquer the world every time she leaves the gym, believes in restricting calories to lose weight. According to Anfisa, it’s possible to slim down by reducing daily calorie counts, and she also suggests adding more exercise (like cardio) to one’s routine. Certified personal trainer Anfisa feels it’s normal for people to fail when they start new diets or try to build healthier habits. However, she thinks that people should pick themselves up and try again, instead of giving up on their diet and fitness goals.

Anfisa’s Authentic Content Contains Life Updates

In January 2021, Anfisa revealed that 2020 had been quite a good year for her. She graduated from a community college so she could get into UC Irvine. In her opinion, her college experience was very positive. In that same year, Anfisa started training people in person. She had a few clients, but she ended up switching to online training and soon launched fully customizable plans due to COVID-19. She didn’t beat around the bush, asking fans to stop bringing her ex-husband Jorge up in the comments. She let fans know that Jorge has moved on and that she has too, and also shared that she was in a new relationship. Anfisa didn’t reveal the identity of her mystery boyfriend.

Being On 90 Day Fiancé Took A Toll On Anfisa’s Mental Health

In her final video from February, Anfisa explained that she’s very sarcastic, with deadpan humor that doesn’t translate very well on TV. However, she believes that her sense of humor is fun, if weird. She likes to make fun of the usual stereotypes about Russian women. Anfisa says this is why she told Jorge that she was only dating him so he could buy her things. As per Anfisa, Jorge revealed that he exaggerated while talking about how much money he had because he spent everything while trying to impress her. Was this one of the few things said by him on 90 Day Fiancé that was true?

Interestingly, Anfisa pointed out a lot of lies told by Jorge in one video. The 90 Day Fiancé alum claimed that she and Jorge stopped talking in the summer of 2019 after Jorge went to prison in 2018. However, Jorge has alleged that Anfisa stopped talking to him two months after he went to jail, as he had a new girlfriend at that point, and that love interest was writing letters to him. Anfisa plans to start posting on her YouTube again soon, so fans can expect her to spill more secrets about her workout, her daily life, and her past.

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