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90 Day Fiancé: Luis Mendez Reveals He Split Up With Second Wife

Just in time for the holidays, 90 Day Fiancé season 5 star Luis Mendez has updated fans about the state of his second marriage and his newly single status. There were no uncertain terms when Luis confirmed his latest breakup, but there’s not a lot of sympathy for his latest failed relationship. Luis was slammed for using ex-wife Molly Hopkins as a ticket to the United States and a Green Card, so his second divorce comes as no surprise. Many fans assume Luis was taking advantage of wife number two the same way he did Molly, and his latest ex might not be sad to see him go.

Luis was introduced in 90 Day Fiancé season 5 as a bartender Molly fell in love with while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Molly fell head over heels for smooth-talking Luis, but viewers were shocked with his behavior on the show once he got to America. Luis was inappropriate and even mean to Molly’s two daughters, and he constantly gaslit Molly to hide his true motives for being with her. Unfortunately, the two got married in secret, and by the time Molly came to her senses, she had to go through with a divorce. Molly has been thriving without Luis, and Luis remarried in 2018, just five months after the divorce. Since then, he’s kept his relationship under the radar until now.

Though he’s usually not very active on social media, Luis took to Instagram on Christmas to answer some fan questions. In a now-deleted Instagram Live, one fan asked about his marriage, and he responded, “Yo no tengo esposa. Yo soy soltero,” which translates to “I don’t have a wife. I’m single” in English. Later, 90 Day Fiancé Instagram fan account @90daythemelanatedway shared a screenshot of a recent Instagram Story from Luis. In the picture, Luis is posing with his second wife, with the words, “It’s over!” plastered over it.

Fans aren’t too surprised that the 90 Day Fiancé star’s second marriage didn’t work out because fans think Luis is a Green Card hunter who uses women. Luis wasn’t with Molly out of love and was definitely taking advantage of her. So fans assume it was the same with wife number 2. However, there’s a good chance that Luis’ second ex-wife is far better off without him. Luis is single again, which could mean he’s on the hunt for a new American woman who can keep him in the country. He currently resides in New Jersey, but that could change after the second divorce.

Luis hasn’t revealed many details, like who initiated the breakup, but even if it was him who did the dumping, the 90 Day Fiancé star’s most recent ex is lucky to be free of him. Luis is an expert at getting women like Molly to fall in love with him, and his second wife could have fallen prey to the same trap. Within the franchise, Luis hasn’t developed a good reputation and has left a bad impression on fans, who now have very little sympathy for his second failed marriage.

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