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‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Jimeno Calls Police on Sister Nicole

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno Fights with Mom and Sister

Pedro Jimeno sits down with Chantel Everett’s family in the new episode of The Family Chantel. He talks about confronting his mother about the letter he thinks she wrote to his father. However, that conversation is cut short when Lidia Morel and Nicole Jimeno Morel storm in.

Nicole came to fight Chantel. And, to get revenge for her brother attacking Alejandro Padron. As for Lidia, she wants to talk to her son about walking out of her apartment.

Nicole Jimeno Morel from The Family Chantel tries to start a fight with Chantel Everett. But Pedro steps in and tells his sister he will call security to take her out. Nicole doesn’t care. So, he yells for security. Yet, before anyone can come and get her, she says that Pedro slept with her friend, Coraima, and walks out on her own.

Lidia Morel doesn’t like the way Pedro Jimeno spoke to his sister. But he doesn’t let his mother take control of the conversation. So, The Family Chantel celeb asks her again who wrote the letter. Yet, Lidia doesn’t want to talk about the letter in front of Chantel Everett.

TLC’s Pedro Wants Cop to Take Nicole Jimeno Moral Away

Nicole Jimeno Morel eventually comes back to the hotel. Then she throws a bottle at Chantel Everett.

However, The Family Chantel castmate misses, and it falls on the floor and breaks. Pedro Jimeno tries to get his sister out of the hotel. But she is fighting him every step. He and his wife then call the police for help.

Pedro tells the cops on the phone that his sister is “crazy” and that she threw a bottle at them. The Family Chantel cast member wants someone to come to the hotel to try and calm Nicole Jimeno Morel down. He feels that she is “out of control.”

When the police show up, Pedro Jimeno explains the situation. But, since there are no injuries and it is a conflict between families, they can’t do anything.

Nicole Jimeno Morel then says that she does not care about her brother anymore. She says that he can go back to America and leave her alone. She also doesn’t care about having a relationship with him.

The Family Chantel Celeb Apologizes to Wife

Pedro Jimeno feels very embarrassed after seeing how his mother and sister acted.

However, Chantel Everett (his 90 Day Fiance wife) is very understanding of the situation.

The Family Chantel star’s husband doesn’t like Nicole’s boyfriend (Alejandro Padron). Pedro thinks Alejandro has put ideas into her head. And, that’s why she is acting that way.

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno then realizes that Chantel Everett was right about his sister.

Pedro now believes that Nicole Jimeno Morel really did say all those mean things to his wife over the years.

So, he apologizes to her for not believing her. He doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to fix the relationship with his mother and sister.

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