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90 Day Fiancé: Evelin Called Out For Wanting Unpaid Chef For New Restaurant

90 Day Fiancé star Evelin Villegas announced she’s launching a new restaurant, but the Ecuador resident wants a chef who’ll work with her for free. Evelin and her husband Corey Rathgeber were first featured in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1 during which the Mormon man moved to Engabao. The couple secretly married after the finale. Corey and Evelin’s marriage took center stage when they returned for TOW season 3, but so did a new scandal. Amidst Corey cheating on Evelin with Jenny, the disgruntled wife revealed she’d lost the beach bar she owned with her husband.

Viewers seemed to think Jenny was a much better match for Corey. This is when Evelin posted a long caption on Instagram to announce that losing the bar made the last two years terrible for her even without the Corey-Jenny relationship. During their first few 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episodes, Corey confessed to putting almost $40k into Evelin’s business. However, Evelin refuted his statement by claiming it had only been $200. A Reddit user said Corey and Evelin’s “bar” was more of a hut with walls on land they didn’t own. The landowner supposedly destroyed the bar and asked them to leave. During an Instagram Q&A in October, Evelin spoke of starting a new one in a different location.

Evelin now appears to be recruiting for her new restaurant although she’s only looking for an experienced yet “volunteer chef.” Instead of paying the chef, Evelin is offering them “a free place to stay by the beach, meals, drinks, surfboards and surf lessons.” She asked interested individuals to let her know if they “want to come spend a vacation here while helping develop a menu and new cooking experiences too.” Many social media users immediately lashed out at Evelin for being entitled, selfish, and a cheapskate.

A Reddit thread by mukhtar24 about Evelin’s want ad Instagram story received comments such as “This is a recipe for disaster” by beebee8belle and “Sounds a lot like she’s looking for an indentured servant!” from Evade_All_The_Bans. Reddit users compared Evelin to the kind of people who expect someone to work in return for exposure which basically means they should be willing to work for free. Some pointed out that the meals the chef is being promised are probably ones they’ll be making themselves. There would also be the added cost of things such as “toothpaste and soap, haircuts, gas, medical expenses etc.” as pointed out by lovedoesnotdelight.

Considering Evelin may have already received questions about this supposedly free position on offer, she’s yet to add any more explainer stories. It’s possible someone gullible enough might even think of Evelin’s job offer as lucrative and apply for it. Meanwhile, Corey expressed a wish of moving to America with Evelin and hosting a wedding reception there. He just needs to convince Evelin since she’s not really liked by Corey’s family as revealed on 90 Day Fiancé. Now that Evelin is working on her next business, Corey’s dream might not come true.

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