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Is Ellie on 90 Day Fiance pregnant with Victor’s baby?

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean’s love story has left quite a significant mark on 90 Day Fiance viewers, ever since they joined the show.

The pair began dating after Ellie, who is based in Seattle, visited Providencia – where she laid eyes on her now-partner Victor.

But TLC fans began questioning whether the couple are even suited, when Victor’s infidelity came to the surface. Many called for Ellie to leave him.

However, things have taken quite the turn in their relationship, as a recent clip of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way suggests they may be trying for a baby.

Ellie and Victor on 90 Day Fiance

Ellie and Victor have had a lot of ups and downs since they first met.

A category five hurricane meant that she almost lost Victor, which made her appreciate him even more. However, it happened amid his affair.

She now often gives him money, as he doesn’t have a job, and recently began to worry that he could be using her for financial benefits.

However he has told her that she doesn’t need to fund him, and that she doesn’t give him much money.

Ever since they began sharing their relationship on-screen, their compatibility seems to be on the decrease, and they are often seen arguing.

Fans have been raging ever since Ellie appeared to completely uproot her life for Victor, who several viewers think doesn’t treat her right.

Is Ellie pregnant with Victor’s baby?

No. Although Ellie and Victor admitted they have been trying for a baby, the couple has not revealed that they are pregnant since that conversation.

Recent clips and pictures also don’t appear to show her with a ‘bump’.

The 45-year-old asked Victor if he is aware how much it costs to look after a baby, and was unsure if she is able to get pregnant.

Victor responded by saying they are going to make a bar, work hard and make money every day. She then tried to figure out their funds.

He then said she has a “money problem”. Victor already has a daughter with somebody else, while Ellie does not have any children of her own.

Ellie and Victor: Are they together?

Although unconfirmed by either of the 90 Day Fiance stars, rumor has it that Ellie and Victor may not be together.

Fans have allegedly seen her working back at her restaurant Central Pizza. This suggests that Ellie may have left Providencia, and possibly Victor.

She was originally planning to move there permanently to be with Victor, which received a massive backlash from people tuning into the season.

Several viewers also believe Victor may be aware they will “surely break up“. Others have even accused their entire relationship as being scripted.


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