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90 Day Fiancé: Larissa Lima Admits She Didn’t Have Rib Removal Surgery

90 Day Fiancé‘s Larissa Lima admitted that she did not have rib removal surgery. Week 1 of 2022 shocked fans with news about Stephanie Matto being hospitalized after her fart jar scandal and Larissa getting a controversial new plastic surgery. While Stephanie did have “heart attack” symptoms that landed her in ER, Larissa, however, has not had her ribs removed just yet. The bold Brazilian, who was previously married to Colt Johnson after a tumultuous 90 Day Fiancé season 5, is often talked about for her extreme body modifications. And though Larissa has had things like fake abs and 1500cc breast implants before, rib resection may have to wait.

Larissa was pretty much fascinated by plastic surgery even when she was on 90 Day Fiancé and ended her stint as a reality TV star with a bang due to her $70,000 makeover. While fans didn’t get to see Larissa on TV after that, her new profession as an adult content creator grabbed eyeballs. The 35-year-old Larissa has had a lot of makeovers and has now moved back to Las Vegas. While Larissa often shares her thoughts about being unable to find the right man after her unsuccessful relationships with Colt and Eric Nichols, a recent Story on her Instagram showed Larissa in a robe captioned, “Removing 3 ribs.” It did look like a pre-surgery picture, which is why most fans were worried about how Larissa’s body would support her large chest and internal organs.

But it all turned out to be a joke as Larissa has confirmed in an Instagram question and answer session. When asked, “Did you follow thru w the rib removal? So interested in it!!” Larissa confessed that she posted about the rib surgery “with a lot of laughing and stuff.” Larissa clarified, “I would not remove my ribs.” However, she did add that if she really wanted to go ahead with it, she would. “But not his time,” she said in conclusion. Larissa, who currently stays with Eric, believes that she’s financially independent and she doesn’t mind what people say about her anyway.

Because of Larissa’s reply, someone asked her where she pulls all the money from to do her surgeries. She revealed that after she was let go from TLC, she started working “full time” with OnlyFans. “If you see me here, it’s nothing what I post on my platform,” she confessed. Since then, Larissa has been using her OnlyFans page “24 hours and seven days a week, no holidays.” She does nothing else but create content and says that she’s “one of the best” creators on the platform since Larissa’s content is fun. She mentioned she makes “all kinds of content” as long as it’s legal.

It’s been three years since Larissa first got arrested in America on January 9, and 90 Day Fiancé fans are happy to see how far she’s come based on sheer hard work. Controversies follow Larissa wherever she goes, and she’s learned how to use them to her advantage. Every move that Larissa makes on the Internet is always unexpected, which is why many believed her removing three ribs was definitely true. In a recent post where Larissa opened up about her weight gain, she also spoke about people calling her “deplorable words” and even wishing “an early death” on her. But Larissa also has an army of followers who love her for her honesty, even if she occasionally shocks them by teasing things like a rib removal.

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