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90 Day Fiancé: Gino Lauded For Honesty About His Money Crisis With Jasmine

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Gino Palazzolo is being hailed as a gentleman for being honest about his finances with girlfriend Jasmine Pineda. At first, Gino didn’t impress many viewers owing to his “creepy” demeanor or awkward laugh. He also got compared to 90 Day Fiancé’s notorious cast member Big Ed Brown when he gifted a toothbrush to Jasmine. And then there was the scene with Gino describing his little blue pills that disgusted fans. However, the opinions about Gino are slowly changing after he landed in Panama City to meet Jasmine, especially after their restaurant visit and now, shopping trip.

The Michigan man Gino first gained sympathy when Jasmine accused him of having “something” with a waitress just because of him writing her a tip. Gino, well aware of Jasmine’s jealousy, since then decided to tread carefully around his lady. Gino giving Jasmine a pregnancy test as a present was something that fans found disgusting. But they also felt bad for Gino when they learned that Jasmine was hiding the fact that she’s on the pill from him as he really wants to have kids. In a recent 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days episode, Gino defended his ex-wife when Jasmine called her stupid.

Fans came to realize that Gino doesn’t like being a pushover and he proved this during a preview clip from episode 5 posted on ET. In the segment from Sunday night’s episode, Jasmine takes Gino shopping so she can pick out some stylish clothes for him. While Jasmine thinks Gino looks like a completely different person after his makeover, he admits that since he’s been out of work for “several months” he wasn’t going to buy “a ton of stuff” in Panama. Though Gino initially says, “as long as you’re happy” to Jasmine, their total comes to $512.53 and Gino says he didn’t expect the bill to be “so much” and would have to come back another time. While Jasmine looks upset, she tells the cashier lady to keep the clothes on hold as Gino, who worked as an automotive engineer, has to go and get his wallet. In the comments, a fan posted, “Super proud of you for standing your ground brother!” before adding that very few men on 90 Day Fiancé have the courage to do that Gino did.

A different TLC viewer wrote, “clothes don’t make the man” as someone else pointed out that Gino didn’t even want to buy clothes and Jasmine seemed to be pushing it. In his confessional, Gino admitted that he was shocked to see Jasmine unhappy because she’s well aware of his financial “situation.” Meanwhile, Gino’s reasoning is that he doesn’t want Jasmine to see him as a “walking cash machine” despite her making him spend the money on himself and not her. Besides, fans also seem to think that Jasmine is very superficial and wants to change Gino’s image as she doesn’t feel he’s worthy of her.

Interestingly, Gino is the one who’s footed the bills for Jasmine’s new hair, teeth, and eyebrows, amongst other cosmetic procedures, per his confession on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Recently, Jasmine shared an article on her Instagram which alleged that Gino’s net worth is $1.5 million. She may have been taking a jab at Gino and accusing him of being miserly by doing it. Gino’s family suspects that Jasmine is only dating him for his money. 90 Day Fiancé viewers know it’s too late because Jasmine already sees him as a cash machine and could have easily bought the clothes for Gino if he didn’t have the money.

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