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90 Day Fiancé: Why Fans Think Usman & His Team Are Scamming Kimberly

On 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5, Kimberly Menzies and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar are easily the pair with the least chemistry, and viewers are speculating that Usman and his team are using the American mother. Usman already has a history of dating older women from the United States, as evidenced by his notorious and short-lived marriage to Lisa Hamme. Since things with Lisa fell through, 90 Day Fiancé fans now think that Usman is strategically moving on to Kimberly due to her desperation and naivete.

After connecting with him online, Kimberly was incredibly excited to meet up with Usman while he shot a music video alongside his team, which included Badmus and Slam T. While the two men have not been welcoming to Kimberly, Usman has been cordial so far. However, it’s very clear that the two love interests have wildly different expectations. Kimberly, whom Usman calls his “potential girlfriend,” believes that she can earn his trust and possibly become his wife. However, Usman appeared far more interested in the lavish gifts that Kimberly purchased for him, including a new laptop and a PS4. Before the 90 Days viewers believe it’s abundantly clear that Usman is using the gullible mother, while Usman and his team have been slammed for their overall bad manners.


On Reddit, U/Hippofuzz called out Usman and his team for scamming Kimberly and TLC to promote Usman’s music career and give him the chance to get presents and other perks. “They chose a superfan, Usman being the bait, so they can land on the show once again,” the user wrote, theorizing that the three men were acting and taking advantage of Kimberly. Since Usman and his team grossly exaggerate his popularity, viewers thought it was entirely plausible that the men were manipulating her to try and increase “Sojaboy’s” profile. A user found their promotional gambits ludicrous, and that commenter claimed to live in Lagos, Nigeria, where no one has heard of Usman.

Usman, Badmus, and Slam T routinely push the narrative that Usman is a global superstar. However, they have little evidence to back up these claims. Therefore, it’s understandable that they chose such a big fan of Usman to have him possibly pretend to pursue. Redditor DweedleDee69 remarked, “I love when Kim was listening to his ‘mixtape’ in the car singing along…. Wearing T-shirts with his face on them…. But she’s not a super fan right lol,” one commenter observed. Meanwhile, Usman pretty clearly made his desires known when he enjoyed getting presents from Kimberly but didn’t give her any affection in return. In fact, the consensus on Reddit is that Usman is more interested in getting intimate with his gaming console than with her.

Overall, few Before the 90 Days viewers believe that Usman has any romantic feelings for Kimberly. Though he told beautiful musical artist Rosa Ree that he might marry Kimberly one day, viewers think that any move Usman makes is solely to benefit himself. Usman was already accused of scamming franchise villain Lisa since he appeared to have a financial motive for marrying her. 90DF fans think he wants a potential Green Card. However, Usman has vehemently denied using Lisa. Nevertheless, viewers find it bizarre that Usman consistently picks significantly older women with whom he lacks chemistry. They wonder at the taste of the controversial 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days star..

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