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90 Day Fiancé: Why Viewers Are Not Warming Up To Memphis

Memphis Smith and Moknii Hamza earned the wrath of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days viewers after the American mother and her Tunisian partner were intimate in his mother’s home, despite the woman requesting separate beds until marriage. The couple is currently being slammed by 90 Day Fiancé viewers for disrespecting Hamza’s mother in her own home, especially since many viewers are already warming up to his sweet mom. While Hamza is also being dragged by viewers, many 90 Day Fiancé fans are frustrated with Memphis for her actions.

Memphis is a 34-year-old nurse practitioner and divorced mother of two, who has set her sights set on marrying 28-year-old Hamza and bringing him back to the United States. While many Before the 90 Days cast members are exhausted after grueling international flights and don’t have romance on their minds, Memphis was eager to jump into bed with Hamza upon arrival. The nurse was disappointed to discover that Hamza lived two hours away from the airport, especially when he admitted that his mother had them sleeping in separate rooms. Nonetheless, Memphis made sure that she was able to test her physical compatibility with Hamza soon after landing in Tunisia.

Many viewers are frustrated with Memphis due to her choices. While viewers support Memphis making romantic decisions that benefit her personally, many franchise fans thought it was ridiculous for her to tell the cameras that she wanted to marry Hamza to benefit her children. So far, viewers have seen Hamza demonstrate that he contributes very little to their relationship, and he doesn’t even speak the same language as Memphis and her kids. He also doesn’t drive, clean, cook, or take care of himself, and the mama’s boy seems to be unemployed. Therefore, many viewers were frustrated and annoyed when Memphis claimed that marrying Hamza would be the best choice for her family when it is clearly something that she wants for herself.

Furthermore, Memphis has enraged viewers by placing so much emphasis and value on sex. Memphis insisted to Hamza that they needed to be intimate right away, as she wouldn’t marry him before seeing if he was sexually compatible with her. This appears to be the only issue that Memphis is worried about before marriage, as she is willing to tie the knot despite barely knowing Hamza, their language barrier, and him not having met her kids. The decision to sleep with Hamza under his mother’s roof, despite his mother’s clear objections, has been very poorly received among viewers. Many franchise fans believe that Memphis should have spent her first night in Tunisia alone, and booked a hotel room later in the week to enjoy intimacy with her partner. To make matters worse, Memphis appeared smug when Hamza’s mother caught them together.

Overall, many Before The 90 Days viewers think that someone with Memphis’ job and background should be making better choices for her family and herself. Memphis behaved rashly and irresponsibly and she doesn’t appear to respect those around her or consider the consequences of her actions. However, the mother isn’t the only person who acted out. Viewers are also putting Hamza on blast, as he shares equal blame for disrespecting his mother. At the same time, many viewers are throwing more shade at Memphis because they had higher expectations for her as a nurse practitioner and mother. Memphis and Hamza will soon face more messy issues on upcoming episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 5.

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