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90 Day Fiancé: Memphis Urges Fans To Blame Hamza For Breaking Mom’s Rules

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Memphis Smith wants fans to know that the show isn’t really “reality” and that Hamza Moknii deserves all the blame for insulting his mother Hayet. Memphis had the simple plan of landing in Tunisia and getting married to Hamza in two weeks. But Memphis soon learned that Hamza has been keeping a lot of secrets from her, especially how they wouldn’t be sharing a bed until marriage. Language barrier aside, Memphis values physical chemistry and wanted to test drive some “sexy time” with Hamza either way. Obviously, this angered Hamza’s mom, but Memphis has a long list about why 90 Day Fiancé fans should call out Hamza instead.

In episode 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Memphis revealed that after Hamza sneaked into her room at night, they had some pretty unsatisfactory sex. Hamza later justified his issue but brought up the topic of how Hayet is actually quite disapproving of Memphis as her son’s future wife. Michigan resident Memphis has two kids, both from different relationships. While Memphis wasn’t married to the first ex, she was to father of her second child, which Hamza’s mom may have not understood. Having had a rough experience after her own divorce, Hamza’s mother is worried about her son marrying someone who’s twice divorced. It won’t be difficult for Memphis to call it quits with Hamza too if after going to America in case they face marital issues, as per Hayet.

With these thoughts having occupied Hayet’s mind, she seemed to have believed her son when Hamza claimed he and Memphis didn’t really have sex. But critics are having a hard time getting over Memphis’ ultimate act of betrayal towards the kind woman that Hamza’s mom is. One such 90 Day Fiancé viewer commented on Hamza’s Instagram post saying that Memphis is “demanding, rude and she has no filter.” The fan also prayed for Memphis and Hamza to never marry because they feel it would “end in divorce.” Memphis immediately called them out by posting, “it is funny you say your [sic] a fan but obviously you don’t know everything that goes on.” The Nurse Practitioner Memphis added, “you guys kill me blaming women all the time and this guy that is his mother’s house and he broke the rules but society loves to blame the women!

Memphis wrote how “it is really sick” of fans to behave in this manner. She also wondered if the person was “just too naïve” to realize that whatever they’re seeing about Memphis and Hamza on 90 Day Fiancé isn’t “always what it seems.” As per Memphis, just because it is a “reality TV” show, it “doesn’t mean it is.” In any case, Memphis has been headstrong while defending her on-screen actions and maintained that the opinions of others don’t matter to her. But Memphis’ reaction to all the hate has also made some fans question the authenticity of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

Memphis continues to be called out for pressuring Hamza to be “immediately intimate” along with her co-star Alina who is also going through a similar dilemma with her boyfriend Caleb. On the flipside, opinions about Hamza are changing, as Memphis has wished for, especially since he’s lied to her about something else. Hamza has kept his real age a secret from Memphis, which she will find out in the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Does Hamza being a year younger than what he initially claimed to hamper his chances of getting married to Memphis in the end?

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