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90 Day Fiancé: Stars Who Should Have Been Cast On The Single Life Season 2

The second season of 90 Day: The Single Life recently premiered and viewers were less than impressed by the cast. In a lot of ways, the season 2 cast is a major misfire that already has fans riled up and criticizing the network for its bad decisions. However, there are several other cast members from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise who would have been more compelling and less controversial.

After The Single Life season 1, speculation began about who would be in the cast for season 2. Though Big Ed Brown was a fan favorite before The Single Life, his behavior on the spin-off and after the show made many viewers turn their backs on him. So, many fans were shocked when Big Ed was cast in season 2 and was later joined by other unpopular franchise stars like Natalie Mordovtseva and Jesse Meester.

Most viewers haven’t responded favorably to the first episode of season 2, and it’s mostly due to their displeasure with the cast. TLC’s decision to focus on controversial cast members may have backfired, and the network should have given more consideration to some of the other single stars in the franchise.

Rose Vega

For months, fans hoped Big Ed’s ex Rose would replace him on The Single Life, but unfortunately, that wish hasn’t come true. Many viewers are team Rose after seeing how well she stood up for herself against Big Ed’s unfair treatment. Following Rose’s life in the Philippines would be interesting and unexpected, and she would be a cast member fans could actually root for.

Molly Hopkins

TLC clearly has no problem bringing cast members back for another season, so why not choose someone who fans are more favorable towards? Molly has been navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend Kelly Brown, and there’s a lot of potential there for a compelling story. She might not be every fans’ favorite, but most will agree Molly is far less objectionable than stars like Natalie or Jesse.

Yamir Castillo

After Yamir’s relationship with Chelsea Macek fizzled out, he would be a great and unexpected addition to The Single Life cast. The former Nicaraguan boy band member is still pursuing a music career in the states, which could lead to a new and different storyline. Yamir has kept a low profile, so he may not want to associate with the show anymore, but there are still many long-time fans of the franchise who would love to see what he’s up to now.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko

TLC isn’t above casting stars who are controversial, but they could have at least gone with someone less problematic than Big Ed. Anfisa is another franchise alum with a big personality and lots of attitude. She’s come under fire for getting physical with her ex-husband Jorge Nava, but Anfisa doesn’t have the same history of abuse that Big Ed does.

Erika Owens

Bubbly and stylish Erika is easily more popular among fans than her ex-girlfriend Stephanie Matto, and featuring her looking for love in Australia probably would have gone over better with viewers. Erika didn’t have the best experience with the franchise, but most fans would prefer to see her on their screens every week. If TLC didn’t at least try to offer her a spot on The Single Life, they should have.

It’s clear the network missed a golden opportunity with 90 Day: The Single Life. Instead of casting franchise alum with interesting lives that fans would want to see more of, TLC featured cast members who viewers have actively boycotted. There may be more juicy storylines ahead in season 2, but the spin-off isn’t off to a great start.

90 Day: The Single Life airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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