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90 Day Fiancé: Why Molly Is Raising Eyebrows With Conceal & Carry Holster

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins has surprised fans by selling a gun holster on her website. Most TLC viewers may remember the 46-year-old reality star from her appearance on 90 Day Fiancé season 5 with her now ex-husband Luis Mendez. While the couple’s marriage ended, Molly’s business skyrocketed after she was featured on the show. She has now become a powerful influencer and a successful businesswoman.

Molly has significantly raised her net worth by building her business, Livi Rae, with her best friend Cynthia Richards. The store offers various intimate wear products to a variety of target audiences. The reviews Molly gets on popular sites such as Google and Facebook are a testament to the quality of her products. The 90 Day Fiancé celeb never fails to promote her business in the most creative way. When Angela Deem shocked fans by flashing the cameras, Molly took the opportunity to advertise her new bras.

Now the reality star has a brand new scheme up her sleeves. Molly has launched a conceal and carry holster for women. She announced her new product on Instagram with the caption, “Are you a gun toting female? Then this is the perfect accessory for concealing. Attaches to your bra under the arm.” The product is available on her website, but some fans are a little concerned about it. Since the holster attaches to the side of the bra, a fan got skeptical about how easily and quickly one can draw the gun. Another fan wrote, “Oh this is frightening.” Someone else disliked the product and called out Molly by commenting, “Shame on you adding to the gun problems in this country. I may have to rethink being a fan of yours.


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Like a successful business owner, Molly is trying her best to answer as many queries as possible and help her fans purchase. When a fan asked about how to use the product, Molly explained, “You draw with opposite hand. If you’re left handed then you would put on right side, or vice versa.” The holster is currently in-stock and sells for $39.99 per piece. It attaches to the side of the bra and fits right under the arm for ease of access.  However, some fans believe that Molly is promoting guns by selling accessories such as a holster.

Molly seems to be trying to give people a place to keep their pre-existing guns. Her idea seems to be stemming from a safety and convenience perspective. Women who have to keep their firearms in their bags without a holster can now keep them close to them. Molly is a smart businesswoman, and she must have come up with this product only after a lot of research. As a good salesperson, she has to promote her solution, but it is up to the people if they want to buy it or not. Until guns aren’t banned in the United States, a holster shouldn’t raise eyebrows. Most 90 Day Fiancé fans still think Molly came up with a much-needed product.

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