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90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine Reveals If Her Scenes With Gino Are Scripted

Jasmine Pineda from 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 5 spilled a few secrets about why she always looks so fresh after waking up in bed with boyfriend Gino Palazzolo. The Panamanian beauty is currently annoying many fans due to her anger issues, which even Gino has admitted to being scared of. However, Gino and Jasmine have also been spending quality time together, which involves plenty of scenes in their bedroom. It is those more intimate scenes that 90 Day Fiancé fans think are scripted.

This week on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, Gino seemed to be having doubts about his future with Jasmine. Jasmine was open about her not being a fan of Gino’s look and predicted that her stylish friend, Leo, would not approve of her American boyfriend. In turn, Jasmine didn’t consider that Gino has been unemployed and couldn’t spend $500 on clothes. He realized that Jasmine is materialistic but didn’t want to be her walking cash machine. Upon meeting Jasmine’s best friend, Gino also noticed how they casually described Jasmine as having been violent in the past. As expected by certain fans, Jasmine didn’t care that Gino was away to spend Christmas with his family – Jasmine just wanted to get a gift from him.

Their gift exchange scene took place in Jasmine and Gino’s bed. Jasmine had a full face of makeup from the time she opened her eyes to eat Gino’s “vegan” eggs. Twitter user @justiceivana wrote, “Why is Jasmine acting like she didn’t get out of bed 2 hours ago to put on that makeup?” As a result, certain fans took to Instagram to ask her about this scene. “Jasmine, are those bed scenes scripted?” a fan asked. “Why are you waking up with makeup?” another commenter wrote. After so many fans asked Jasmine how she could look so glam having just woken up, she decided to clear things up on Instagram. “I have said it a few times already. I don’t know how to do make-up,” American literature teacher Jasmine admitted in her selfie video. “And I don’t like it,” she explained.

Jasmine said she’s someone who likes to take care of her skin and admitted that she has “a lot of issues with it.” Specifically, Jasmine revealed that her secret is “permanent makeup.” She has had micro-needling done to her eyebrows and has also gotten lip tattooing (or lip blushing) done. “And that’s it,” Jasmine exclaimed while remembering that she also has fake eyelashes on “99.9%” of the time. According to Jasmine, “anything isn’t scripted.” She mentioned that it’s not like they were “pretending to wake up.” Jasmine further added that it “naturally happened at that exact moment.”

With that said, Jasmine also appears to have used colored contacts during these bedroom segments with Gino on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. It’s unlikely that Jasmine went to sleep with her eye lenses on. There’s also a smidge of eye makeup and foundation that one can see on Jasmine. Given that she’s particular about skincare, it’s unlikely she would sleep without wiping off her day’s make-up. Of course, Jasmine and Gino are also mic-ed up for the scenes with the cameras rolling as they wake up.

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