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90 Day Fiancé: Alina’s Excuses For Racist Slur Not Acceptable To Fans – Reality TV

Alina Kozhevnikova is seeing 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days viewers turn on her for her actions with Caleb Greenwood, but now angry 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans are coming for the Russian singer after her excuses for using a racial slur. Though Alina maintains that an image of her dressed as a man that uses the N-word in the caption features a Photoshopped caption, many franchise fans are still skeptical of her response. Before The 90 Days fans are calling Alina out over her claims that she didn’t know using the N-word is offensive.

Before The 90 Days fans immediately found Alina to be more likable than her online romantic partner Caleb, though opinions quickly shifted. Fans began to sour to Alina after she pressured Caleb to be intimate with her and was upset that he wanted to sleep after his grueling international travel. Alina’s friends Elijah and Maria then grilled Caleb and made it clear they didn’t think he was good enough for Alina, an interrogation that she seemingly encouraged. The recent drama surrounding the Russian singer shows an image of her using the racial slur in a purposeful misspelling in a now-deleted post. While Alina claims that the caption was faked, she also deferred blame by telling her fans that she is Russian and didn’t know the N-word is offensive. However, many viewers did not accept Alina’s excuse, especially since she previously lived in the US during an exchange program.

User u/dnlively took to Reddit to call out Alina for her actions. “She was in America at the time and had enough sense to spell it weird so she KNEW it was a terrible word,” the user wrote before making it clear that Alina should have understood the ramifications of using the word. Users accused Alina of lacking self-awareness as she bashed ableism but seemingly used a racial slur. “I think if that word or any spelling of it is any part of your vocabulary, you know that it is a derogatory word that is very controversial. She purposely misspelled it. She knew what she was doing. Why she did it is beyond me,” one frustrated fan wrote. Few users appeared to believe Alina’s claims that the image caption was faked.

Regardless of the authenticity of the caption, many Before The 90 Days viewers are unhappy with Alina’s claims that she didn’t realize the word was offensive. Since Alina has a strong grasp of English and formerly lived in the US, many viewers believe that Alina’s excuse is poor at best. “That IG post was the definition of poor taste and that caption was just flat-out racist,” a disappointed commenter wrote. “People were defending her saying she probably doesn’t know what it means because she’s Russian. Dumba** excuse,” another commenter wrote. Many non-American commenters voiced that they understood not to use the N-word despite not having English as a mother tongue or being Americans.

Alina appears to be in hot water among many franchise fans, and her actions on Before The 90 Days aren’t making matters better. Many viewers are frustrated with the lack of boundaries Alina has, as she appears to put her own desires above Caleb’s request to take things slowly. Despite Caleb saying that he needed time to process his feelings and evaluate his physical attraction, viewers were treated to more than they bargained for when the camera crews lingered on Alina and Caleb getting intimate in bed. New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days will shed more insight on whether or not Caleb and Alina are compatible as a couple.

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