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1000-lb Sisters: Where Tammy Slaton Lived Before Moving In With Amy – Reality TV

Amy Slaton has taken on the role of her sister, Tammy’s, caretaker in 1000-lb Sisters, but there was a time when Tammy didn’t have Amy at her beck and call. Tammy and Amy decided to take on their weight loss journeys together, and although it was helpful for the pair to live together during their fitness trials, Tammy hasn’t always been the easiest houseguest to get along with. From staying with other family members to getting the police involved, here’s everything Tammy did for shelter before moving in with Amy in 1000-lb Sisters.

For as long as fans have known the Slaton sisters, Tammy has relied on Amy. In season 1, Tammy showed no signs of being self-sufficient. From Amy going to the store and preparing meals to Amy’s husband, Michael Halterman, providing the momentum for Tammy’s wheelchair, the television personality completely depended on the help of Amy when viewers first met her. In the latest 1000-lb Sisters season, Tammy’s continued to demonstrate her need for her family’s support, but the entertainer’s siblings are finally pulling away. Whether they hire Tammy a nurse or buy her an electric wheelchair, Tammy never fails to throw a fit whenever the Slaton family tries to aid her independence.

Tammy’s aversion to braving the world on her own made 1000-lb Sisters fans wonder how the reality star got along before staying in her sister’s care. The Slaton sisters have shared that they haven’t had conventional careers before starring on their reality television show, so it wasn’t likely that Tammy would’ve been able to afford her own place. Additionally, Tammy’s family has always struggled with poverty, as the TV personality’s confessed that her mother, Darlene, had to work several part-time jobs to provide for her five children. It’s likely that before Tammy moved in with Amy and started garnering fans on YouTube, Darlene was continuing to provide for Tammy. A researched Reddit user explained that Tammy endured a slew of turbulent years before becoming a permanent guest in Amy and Michael’s home. A fan claimed, “[Tammy] was in a rehab. Before that, it was her mom’s.”

Based on information gathered from Amy and Tammy’s YouTube videos, fans were able to piece together the complicated journey Tammy embarked on before settling down with Amy. Viewers believe that Tammy lived with Darlene while suffering from pneumonia, but it wasn’t a peaceful arrangement. As 1000-lb Sisters‘ audience knows well, Darlene isn’t the most welcoming mother, but Tammy’s alleged actions during her stay at the Slaton matriarch’s home caused quite the raucous. While living with Darlene, Tammy called the police to the point of exhaustion, claiming that she wasn’t getting enough food from her mother or sister, Misty. A commenter asserted that instead of continuing to find a place for Tammy to stay over the years, “[The Slaton family] should really cut off all contact with her.” While her living arrangement with Amy might not be paradise, Tammy’s overstayed her welcome with the rest of the Slaton clan.

Tammy routinely declares that she wants to be independent, but even before starring in 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy relied on her family members for basic necessities. Amy and Tammy frequently fight, but compared to her past of calling the cops on her mother, Tammy’s current stay at Amy’s seems like a dream come true. As Amy and Michael look for their new home in 1000-lb Sisters season 3, however, Tammy might finally be on her own – for better or for worse.

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