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90 Day Fiancé: Paul & Karine Fuel Divorce Rumors After 4 Years of Marriage

Kentucky court records suggest that 90 Day Fiancé’s Paul Staehle has filed for divorce from Karine. The couple has been married since November 2017.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Paul Staehle has allegedly filed for divorce from Karine Staehle after four years of marriage. This news comes after Paul had a rift with his mother, Mary Staehle. The reality TV star posted on Instagram claiming Mary doesn’t want to meet his sons anymore. Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers didn’t feel bad for Paul when he revealed that he had to hire a babysitter because he had to work and Karine needed to attend her beauty school. Apparently, Mary told Paul that his wife should drop out of school and take care of her kids at home.

Paul allegedly reached out to his mother even on Halloween, but she refused to meet his kids or even see their costumes. He mentioned that Mary got frustrated and blocked his number. Paul may have had a fall-out with his mother, but he was leading a happy marriage with Karine, at least for the last few months. He hinted at having another baby in September 2021 after posting Karine’s ovulation test. It seems like after the fight with his mother, Paul argued with his wife.
Kentucky Court of Justice has an active civil court case in which Paul and Karine are named plaintiff and defendant. More information about the case isn’t available at the moment. However, this new information has led many 90 Day Fiancé fans to believe that Paul has filed for divorce from Karine. The couple got married in November 2017 in Brazil, and they have been together for almost four years. They have not hinted at divorce on social media and are still following each other on Instagram. In fact, Paul recently shared Karine’s makeup makeover on his Instagram page to encourage her and celebrate her newly acquired beauty skills. Check out the screenshot shared by @mommysaysbadwordslive on Instagram:

Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers think that Paul and Karine shouldn’t be together, and they are happy that the couple is finally ending their “toxic” marriage. A user said, “Finally I guess? These two are weird af.” Another user chimed in, “This is actually slightly shocking. I worry for the babies but I swore up and down they’d never leave each other.” But some fans don’t think that the couple is ready to leave each other just yet. A different user commented, “I doubt that [Paul] will follow through on this. He needs to, though.”

Paul and Karine have been a part of many scandals in the last year. They don’t appear to have a stable and healthy marriage. It would be best for them to get separated and move on with other people. Still, the couple should strive to be better partners for the sake of their two adorable sons. Paul hasn’t been a great husband in the past, but lately, he has been supporting Karine while she attends her cosmetology school. Concerned 90 Day Fiancé viewers would suggest Paul and Karine hang in there and try to resolve their marital issues instead of taking a drastic step.

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