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90 Day Fiance: Yara Zaya Desires A Sugar Daddy, Called “Gold Digger” By Fans!

Notable 90 Day Fiance Couple, Yara Zaya, and Jovi Dufren are always in the limelight. Despite having an extremely busy schedule in different work fields, they stay up to date with their followers and give them all the insight into their lives. Lately, a massive announcement by Yara has led to all reality show viewers thinking back on the comment made about wanting a ‘sugar daddy’. What did she say? Keep reading to know more!

90 Day Fiance: Yara Shuns All Trolls Who Called Her A ‘Gold Digger’

Ever since they appeared on 90 Day fiance for the first time, not only some viewers but even Jovi’s parents didn’t trust Yara. Many believed that she was with him for the money and would end their relationship after getting a green card. However, she proved her love for Jovi is stronger than ever by not only having a kid with him but deciding to settle here to raise their child in the US. The Ukrainian had irked some watchers yet again when she made an innocent joke about wanting a ‘sugar daddy.’ It was during a trip with Jovi to Miami. Now, it looks like she has the perfect way to give it back all her haters.

On her Instagram, the reality star posted about her newly launched makeup line. Apart from this, she also has an online boutique that is running successfully. This just proves that the young mom is doing well for herself financially. She is most definitely not attempting to scam anyone, especially not her husband, Jovi! Her supporters are extremely happy for her and slammed all the trollers who have consistently called her a ‘gold digger.’ Moreover, her husband, Jovi, is also proud of her and loves what she does for a living. In fact, he even promoted her makeup products through his social media. Furthermore, the mother of 1 also made a Youtube video explaining that she earns more than her husband.


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90 Day Fiance: What Does Jovi Do For A Living?

During their time in the reality TV world, there were moments when Jovi was away from his partner due to ‘work’ a lot. Luckily, the 90 Day Fiance couple went through all the difficulties of long-distance and are now stronger than ever. However, the American’s disappearance made the fans very curious about what he does for a living. As per his Linkedin page, Jovi Dufren is a ROV Supervisor. This means he specializes in underwater robotics. He works in remote areas to ensure technical equipment is being well operated in a rig, vessel, or remote location. This is done under challenging environmental conditions.

Thus, his profession requires him to stay away from his native state, Louisiana. However, there have been perks to this job too. It allows him to travel to unique locations for work. That’s precisely how he met Yara. Both of them share many common hobbies, and one of them is traveling. Apparently, that’s how their love blossomed, and they fell for one another. Although they had their fair share of troubles owing to Jovi being away from her and their daughter Mylah, the couple seems to have made peace with it.

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