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90 Day Fiancé: Why Sumit’s An Even Worse Partner Than Viewers Suspected

Avid 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers once considered Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh fan favorites, but Sumit’s actions are making fans change their minds. For nearly a decade, Jenny has wanted to marry Sumit, but the couple has had many obstacles in their way. Now that all of the obstacles are seemingly removed, Sumit does not seem too thrilled about tying the knot. In fact, he seems to be actively hindering the entire marriage process. His actions are causing fans to question his intentions.

Jenny’s relationship with Sumit was based on dishonesty, right from the very start. The Palm Springs resident Jenny connected with Sumit on Facebook in 2012, but she didn’t actually know him by his rightful name, The India-based call center employee reached out to Jenny while using the name, Michael Jones. Sumit’s catfish profile is still visible today online. After finding out his true identity, Jenny flew to India to meet him anyway. Towards the end of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1, another one of Sumit’s secrets was revealed, which was the fact that he was secretly married to someone else, in an arranged marriage that was set up by his parents.

After Sumit’s divorce from his secret wife, the biggest hurdle standing in the way of Sumit and Jenny becoming husband and wife was Sumit’s mother, Sadhna Singh. The Indian mother originally claimed that she would take her own life if Sumit married Jenny, due to the 30-year age difference between the two. Despite this, Sadhna recently agreed to not stop Sumit from marrying Jenny, with coaxing from Sumit’s astrologer. Now, it seems like Sumit is the biggest obstacle preventing his marriage to Jenny, which is making viewers question his love for the American woman. Fans are even thinking that Sumit is a worse partner than they previously imagined.

Sumit Secretly Put The Marriage Process On Hold

In the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit and Jenny went to see a marriage lawyer to file documents related to their future nuptials. Later in the episode, Sumit met up with a friend and confessed that when he and Jenny returned home, he called the attorney and told him to put the application on hold. Jenny is not aware that he did this, but a recent preview for this coming Sunday’s episode shows Sumit revealing his marriage anxiety to Jenny.

Sumit May Be Stringing Jenny Along

Another issue that really got noticed was the tricky and confusing passport situation. Earlier in the season, Jenny’s tourist visa was about to expire, with no possibility of extension. This was before Sumit’s mom agreed to stop sabotaging their marriage, so marrying her to keep her in the country was out of the question. Jenny suggested that they live somewhere else together, but Sumit claimed that his former wife’s parents had taken away his passport. He said that the only other place he would be able to go was Nepal. However, the borders were closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sumit seemed to be clinging to any excuse to not marry Jenny and keep her in India, but he wouldn’t own up to this to her face.

He Could Have Married Jenny Secretly

On a 90 Day Fiancé Reddit page, a variety of Redditors expressed confusion about why the 33-year-old didn’t just get married to Jenny without telling his parents. In their opinions, marrying Jenny on the sly would be a simple matter, and easy to conceal. On the same thread, people speculated that perhaps Sumit wants to end things with the Palm Springs woman but doesn’t want to be labeled the villain for initiating the breakup.

He Never Seems To Stop Lying

Plenty of viewers are now thinking that Sumit has been creating all the obstacles in his relationship with Jenny on his own, and then blaming them on other people or circumstances. This does not seem entirely unlikely, but it would add to the piles of lies he’s already told. He lied about his identity, he lied about being married, and he lied to his parents about Jenny just being a friend when she first came to India. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers all agree that Jenny should give up on Sumit as he is so dishonest. They think it’s terrible that she’s had to wait ten years to be a bride, and they’re not sure she’s going to get her happy ending.

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