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90 Day Fiancé: Yara Makes Big Decision After Mylah Is Insulted On IG

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya has archived all of Mylah’s pictures from her Instagram after a user insulted her daughter during an Instagram Live. Since Yara works as a social media influencer, she is quite active on Instagram. After appearing on 90 Day Fiancé and its spin-off, Happily Ever After?, she has been trying to establish her fashion and beauty brand online. She has already launched her online clothing store, which appears to be doing great. A few months ago, Yara claimed she makes more money than her husband, Jovi Dufren.

After seeing her clothing business thrive, Yara decided to come up with a makeup line. According to Yara, she has spent almost one year finalizing her makeup products. She claims her cosmetics are of the highest quality. Yara has finally launched her makeup line, called Boujee by Yara, but many 90 Day Fiancé fans don’t seem impressed with the color palette or the quality of the cosmetics. Still, the reality TV star has been consistently promoting her makeup products on Instagram. She recently did an Instagram Live session to talk more about her new makeup line.

Mylah made a cameo during her mommy’s IG Live, and someone reportedly wrote (via @i-work-so-much-work), “Take her clothes off please.” The 90 Day Fiancé star felt disgusted and ended the Live session immediately. After this incident, Yara posted a story to tell her fans she won’t do IG Lives with her 14-month-old daughter anymore. She wrote, “This is crazy. What kind of world do we live in. Some crazy and sick people on the internet.” Yara is frustrated, thinking anyone can write anything they want and can’t be punished. Yara added, “Some should be either in a psychiatric hospital or in a prison. But not in the Instagram!!!

Yara also archived all of Mylah’s pictures from her Instagram grid. Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers supported her unanimously. Fans hated that Yara’s little daughter was disrespected during an Instagram Live. A user commented, “That is beyond gross. Special place in hell for people like that perv.” Another chimed in, “That’s disgusting. He needs to caught and put in jail.” Someone else said, “Yeah, he and the other perv on 90 Day Fiance need to be put in jail.” A few fans still think Yara shouldn’t have exposed her baby because pedophiles and perverts can be anywhere.

It seems like Yara was unaware there are deviants out there who are capable of sexualizing even her baby girl Mylah, who just celebrated her first birthday. It is pretty sad to see the 27-year-old beauty Yara was already quite protective of Mylah, and now she has to be even more vigilant because of some creeps on social media. 90 Day Fiancé fans who genuinely loved seeing Mylah grow through Instagram won’t get cute updates from her, at least for a while.

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