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90 Day Fiancé: Steven & Alina Get Married With Special Guests In Teaser

Steven Johnston and Alina from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way have gotten married with some shocking guests in attendance at their Turkish wedding. Salt Lake City, Utah resident Steven and Russian girl Alina met because of his travels and his love for her language. While Steven came to win Alina over with his boyish charm, he also used it to date other girls behind her back. But Alina didn’t back out from marrying Steven, even after he confessed to kissing 100 girls and fell for Masha’s texts. In fact, Steven’s red flags have disappeared for Alina, who’s certain she made “the right decision.

Novosibirsk native Alina saw how “superbly important” faith is to Steven and decided to sacrifice her favorite things like wine and coffee for her future husband. But Steven appeared to be having difficulty in following the teachings of his own religion. Still, Alina decided to forgive Steven’s lies and manipulation if he deleted his social media, which he promptly did. Steven being “100 percent” candid with Alina about his past made her call out his lies and hypocrisy on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. But at the same time, Alina also thought prince charming Steven was going to save her in her fairytale.

A video clip from the upcoming 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 shared by ET proves the rumors about Steven and Alina being married are true. Steven admits, “It’s been a crazy, crazy journey moving to Turkey to be with her and how much we had to sacrifice for each other.” Meanwhile, Alina is still in disbelief over their wedding as she accepts there were moments when she thought their relationship wouldn’t lead to a wedding. However, Alina also knows Steven’s love for her is sincere since his gesture of bringing their beloved cats to witness the ceremony “proves how well he knows her” and was all very touching.

Aspiring digital illustrator Alina may have never expected Steven to go around Antalya with several pet carriers and get all their favorite kitties, including Cat-Cow and Cucumber, to their wedding venue. “It might seem like a silly and childish thing, but in reality, it’s a very manly gesture,” declares the clearly smitten Alina. Meanwhile, Steven explains that sacrificing a lot for each other is a demonstration of their boundless love because it “speaks louder” than all of the arguments they’ve had on the show. However, Steven believes that there’s still a lot ahead for the couple. He tells the 90 Day Fiancé cameras that they still have to apply for a visa to move to Russia. Once that happens, Alina will have to get baptized as well.

I think a lot of people think we’re crazy but, we’re crazy in love so maybe they’re right,” declares Steven, who suggested Alina sign a prenup before they became husband and wife. Fans are curious because they don’t see Steven actually possessing any “assets” that he wants to keep safe from Alina in case they get divorced. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers always suspected Steven wasn’t really ready to get married and now he looks doubly unsure. But time and again, Alina has jumped to Steven’s defense. That’s likely why the young couple decided to get married, though it’s unclear if their relationship will be smooth sailing from here.

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