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90 Day Fiancé: Yara Zaya Slammed For ‘90 Percent Vegan’ Makeup Line

90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya is receiving backlash for not being clear about the ingredients used in her new makeup line, Boujee by Yara. The Ukrainian woman has been teasing her followers for months about her upcoming makeup brand, which launched recently. She also runs an online clothing store, which fans slammed for re-selling cheaper clothing items at much higher rates.

This is a similar complaint many fans have about Boujee by Yara products. Sleuthing 90 Day Fiancé viewers discovered that Yara’s fairly pricey makeup looks very similar to products sold at much lower prices on the discount e-commerce site Alibaba. Not only are fans suspicious of where Yara gets her product, but they are now also questioning the ingredients in the makeup line.

Yara’s husband Jovi Dufren recently shared on his social media that his wife started her own makeup brand. A curious fan asked in the comments if Yara’s makeup was vegan, to which Yara replied that it is. However, 90 Day Fiancé news account @truecrime_jankie put together an Instagram post with an excerpt from Yara’s website showing that her “Seattle Soft Pink Lip Gloss” contains beeswax. When another fan called Yara out for this on Instagram, Yara replied that her products are “90 percent” vegan and gluten-free. In her comment, Yara also stated that it is “impossible” for her to remember every single ingredient included in her products. Fans also slammed Yara for using the “cruelty free” logo on her website with no proof as to whether or not her products were tested on animals.


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Redditor CocoCherryPop brought up on a Reddit thread that perhaps the Ukrainian reality star simply didn’t know that if a product contains beeswax, it’s automatically not vegan. The Redditor stated that they themselves didn’t know until reading the thread that “bee products were off-limits.” Another user on Reddit, RandomWordMix, replied saying that since Yara is now the owner of a makeup company, it is Yara’s responsibility to know exactly what’s in her products and how to classify each ingredient.

Despite her comments that her product is “90 percent vegan,” the reality star recently added an “100% vegan” logo to her website. Boujee by Yara was released recently, so there aren’t yet reviews of the product or data on how popular the product is. Vegan 90 Day Fiancé fans should make sure to take a good look at the list of ingredients on these (and any product) before using.

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