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Sister Wives: Why Fans Feel Sorry For Kody & Robyn Brown’s Children

Kody Brown has been accused of being an irresponsible father for spending a disproportionate amount of time with Robyn and her kids in Sister Wives season 16, but some fans think that the pair’s kids might have it worse than it seems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kody has relegated himself to Robyn’s home, and while the patriarch’s gaggle of other children are envious of Robyn’s kids, a new clip has fans sympathizing with Kody and Robyn’s children. From the isolation they endured to Kody’s hands-off parenting style, here’s why Sister Wives fans feel bad for Robyn’s kids.

Kody has always struggled to maintain strong relationships with his wives and children throughout the Brown family’s past decade in Sister Wives, but the coronavirus has drastically intensified the polygamous clan’s issues. Kody faced plenty of backlash from his first three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, for the strict pandemic protocol he’s put into place to prevent COVID from spreading throughout the extensive family. Although none of the Sister Wives stars want to spread the virus, Kody’s first trio of wives believe the patriarch’s rules are overly-cautious and have done more harm than good. Kody’s rules have resulted in the reality star spending almost all of the pandemic quarantined with Robyn and her five children.

Kody’s other wives and kids have complained that they miss seeing him and are jealous of the time that Kody and Robyn’s kids get to spend with the polygamous patriarch. Kody and Janelle’s son, Gabe, even joked that it’s been so long since he’s since his father that Kody could’ve had another kid in their time apart. While it might seem like Robyn’s five children, Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, and Ariella, have had it easy spending time with both of their parents during the pandemic, a new clip demonstrated how difficult it’s been for the growing Brown children. After thoroughly convincing Kody and Robyn that she had followed all of their rules, Meri was finally allowed over the pair’s home to spend time with their kids. A Reddit user captioned the scene of Meri reuniting with her family, “Meri finally worthy enough to see Robyn’s kids.”

On top of noting how withholding Kody and Robyn have been during COVID, fans pointed out the peculiar responses Robyn’s children had to Meri’s visit. In the clip, Robyn’s kids were shocked that they were allowed to let Meri in, and once they got the all-clear, they couldn’t stop hugging the original sister wife. Fans were upset by how desperate Robyn’s children were for interaction. One viewer assessed, “These kids are behaving like they’ve been underground for 9 months and now they’re finally able to come out.” Other fans agreed that Kody and Robyn’s children appeared to have been starving for the family moments their parents have restricted. A commenter confessed, “I feel so terrible for those kids.” Fans think Kody’s harsh rules have taken a toll on his and Robyn’s kids as well as the other children he’s rarely visited during the pandemic.

Understandably, Meri, Janelle, and Christine’s children have felt neglected by Kody while he’s quarantined at Robyn’s house, but viewers feel bad for Robyn’s kids as well. The over-the-top reactions their children had to finally see Meri was heartwarming, but also revealed how restrained Robyn’s five kids have been throughout the pandemic. Sister Wives fans can only hope Kody and Robyn’s children can make it through the rest of COVID with their emotions intact.

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