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Sister Wives: Why Fans Think Season 16 Is The Best In The Series

The Brown family has kept their followers entertained since Sister Wives‘ premiere in 2010, but fans think that season 16 could be the best entry in the franchise to date. While it contains some of the polygamous family’s greatest trials, viewers claim that the current season is full of dynamic moments that set it apart from the past chapters of the Brown family’s franchise. From the wives gaining their independence to the dramatic tension between the polygamists, here’s why Sister Wives fans think season 16 is the most engaging chronicle of the Brown family’s story yet.

Throughout the decade the polygamous clan has starred on reality TV, Kody Brown’s chaotic relationships with his four sister wives have resulted in compelling entertainment. Previous seasons have included cheating scandals, weddings, and births, but season 16 is overflowing with drama as the coronavirus has pushed Kody’s plural marriage to the brink of collapse. Before COVID-19, Kody’s relationships with all of his wives (except for his fourth and favorite spouse, Robyn), were in precarious positions. Unfortunately, the pandemic only strengthened the rift between Kody and his first three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine. As Kody’s kept socially distant from his first trio of wives, viewers have enjoyed the surge in Janelle and Christine’s independence.

Ever since their marriage in 2010, Kody’s only functioning relationship has been with Robyn. While Kody and Robyn have enjoyed their budding romance, the marriages between Kody and his first three wives have withered. For the past decade, the tension between Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Christine has been bubbling to the surface, but fans weren’t sure they’d ever get a satisfying ending for the Brown family. After years of emotional neglect, Meri, Janelle, and Christine continued to put up with their polygamist husband’s antics. In season 16, however, all of the rising action is finally paying off and viewers are thoroughly entertained by Christine and Janelle’s newfound rebellious attitudes. Fortunately, the Brown family’s drama has only just begun as a Reddit user noted that synopsis for an upcoming Sister Wives episode states, “A conversation with Kody is the last straw for Christine, and… he finds his belongings boxed.”

As the Brown family’s followers know well, Christine and Kody announced that they split in November 2021. While this news shook the polygamous clan, it’s not shocking to the fans that have kept up with season 16. Throughout the season, Christine has expressed her disdain for her husband. Whether he’s refusing to support their daughter during her spine surgery or shutting down Christine’s hopes of returning to Utah, Kody has hammered several nails into the coffin of their spiritual marriage this season. As is evidenced by the synopsis, Christine has come into her own in season 16, making it the most satisfying entry for viewers eager for a change in the Brown family. On top of Christine finding her voice, Janelle’s impressed fans by standing up to Kody in recent episodes. One commenter explained, “A decade of watching this… and it’s finally paying off. This season is HOT.”

Season 16 might not be the most enjoyable experience for the Sister Wives cast members, but fans have enjoyed all of the progress the Brown family’s made in their latest chapter. From Janelle sticking up for her kids to Christine refusing to accept her unhappy marriage with Kody, season 16 is turning out to be the climax viewers have been waiting for. Fans can only hope future Sister Wives seasons maintain the hype season 16 has created for the franchise.

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